Notorious Pit Haters The List

A List Of Notorious Pit Haters- This is the BLACK LIST of HATERS that Made it to the List, More will be added when more PIT HATERS are caught in ACTION.

Jon V. Felosi 
(Owner of the Many Pit Hate pages out there, Known to spew vile hate about he Pit Type dogs on public Forum. Drug Addict and sadist.)

Mike Mantion 
(Known Hater in all 50 states for his vile rants on public forum, Threatened Pit Owners, and has beaten a dog to near death, he is banned from all Dog Parks near his area and the TX area)

Harve Morgan 
(Aka Pat Dunaway, using the Harve Alias as not to ruin her reputation... Too Late everyone knows it is you, you Pit hating nutbar)

Thomas McCartney (Pathological Liar, Know to troll pro pit pages, blogs and communities, Is part of the Colleen Lynn Cult. Copy and Pastes from Pit hating blogs with no links to the references or sources)

Joanna McGinn (Bible Thumping pit hating nut bar, comments on all pit hating pages with support)

Gail L Rosbach (Getting Information)

Tecumseh Mantion - Mike Mantion’s Dog account
(Mike uses this account more often, since apparently his original account was supposedly Messaged with Death Threats... Well Sir, the reason for all those threats is because you were threatening pit owners and have beaten a pit type dog to near death...)

Jeffrey Sloan (Getting Information)

Janet Riddle -- Friends List Says It All-- Just Saying. 
(Supports Jon Felosi, in everything said and done by Jon, Supports Colleen Lynn and others, Has made threats against the Pit bull Type Breeds)

Merryll Simon (Getting Information)

Colleen Lynn - The Leader Of The Dog Hating Cult
(Founder and Creator of, Not a dog expert, on a mission to destroy all dog breeds, including Pit Bulls. True Hater and a Bi-polar old hag that seeks attention.)

Fredrick Fonerfart
(Aliases- Frederick Fonerfart, Fredina Fonerfart Any weird Fonerfart Name is IT’S account-Just look for the STUDIED AT Dfhbdsdfskjdfsjk- ALONG with RACIST remarks on IT’S account- Creator of DOGS SUCK and co owner of I hate dogs and Caisen Green is an American hero… TROLL ALERT)

Rebecca Furr 
(A Known Pit Hater Making Public Threats To Harm the Pit Type Dogs- Has been reported with proof of her/his Comments. Just take a gander at her/his friends list nothing more need to be said about IT.)