Terms Of Service

The Terms Of Service of our news blog Voice For The Voiceless by Voices For The Breeds.

Must be followed. The following information and terms are for the safety and privacy of those who use our news blogs to forward information publicly without the use of their names in the public view. Everything will be kept confidential, for the informants and victims safety. Please abide by the Terms and Services listed below, or be prosecuted in the court of law in California.

Terms Of Service

Use & Conduct

  • The Viewer: The Viewer are the people who view our news blog, these terms of services apply to you, the people who view our news blog Voice For The Voiceless. Any information obtained on this blog is allowed to be shared publicly, with a link back here as the source of your information. However you are not permitted to alter our work in anyway shape or form.

  • The Client: The client being the victims & informants have a right to be kept anonymous, and out of the public view while investigations are being done and even after investigations. No names of the victims or informants will be used when any type of article is published.

  • The Usage Of Voice For The Voiceless: If this news blog is found to be on Hate sites, groups and or communities, The owner of this news blog has a right to pursue legal actions against said person(s). The Usage of Voice For The Voiceless, is strictly for those who wish to share warnings about certain criminal like people. For those who wish to share facts about certain breeds of animals, and for those who wish to share educational speeches made by the owner of this blog.

  • The Information: Information shared with us must be backed up with proof. (IE. - Photos- Screenshots of comments, email messages, and pictures.) When supplying information, with the person in question Full name and location must be given. In order to do an accurate investigation on said person(s). If we find the information to be incorrect we will inform you to stop with the accusations of the said person(s).
When submitting anything to us, please use our email never the comment section as per for your Privacy and Safety of these issues. We work closely with authorities, informing them of people they should look into, please note that your name again, will not be used at any point, unless you wish for the authorities to contact you for more information.

Thank you for reading and understanding our TOS.