Friday, April 19, 2013

More Q & A's

Q 1. Are you a rescue?
A. No, and never claimed to be.

Q 2. How many animals have you saved?
A. I've lost count, yet since living in TX for the past 3 years I counted at least 40 dogs and cats, which I have only kept 3 dogs and 2 cats out of that rescue, while placing the rest at the No Kill Trusted Shelters.

Q 3. Do you volunteer?
A. I do indeed volunteer, when they need me. I help my local ACO catch strays.

Q 4. Why do I see people speaking negatively about you and your admins?
A. In the advocacy world it happens, and we call this Hell. There will always be naysayers, doubters and those who are just plain out zealous of what has been accomplished. Then there are those who we caught doing something wrong and informed everyone about it and they feel it necessary to leave hateful comments.

Q 5. Who is affiliated with you, your teammates?
A. I will not divulge names, for their safety, however I will give you their pages out. Dog Rescues The Good The Bad and The Ugly of South Florida, will always be considered part of my team with the truth they state about crooked rescues. Natures In Crisis Speak UP & Help- recently introduced to them, I love what they stand for and how they get their messages across. Anti Dog Fighting Campaign, I look up to them for all that they have done to help put a stop to dog fighting in every state, they are passionate and strong willed and care deeply for the animals out there. Anti Bsl Pictures, my partner in crime sort to speak who has been by my side for a while and has helped me uncover Victor’s True nature. In addition, Paw It Forward Help Toby and Lucy. They had the courage and strength to stop Diana Peters and took control of the situation to save Toby and Lucy. Animal Rights Advocates who speak on behalf of all the animals and share petitions, pictures, and animal facts.

Q 6. Will you ever stop investigating, advocating, and your activism?
A. No, as long as these animals need our voice our job is never done. Until people wake-up and respect these animals lives, we will always be here and in the words of Anonymous, EXPECT US.

Q 7. Are you part of Anonymous or A.L.F?
A. No and No, although if they ever came to me for help, I would do my very best to help them in anything they need. I support them in everything they have ever done.

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