Friday, April 5, 2013

Striking THAT Proverbial Nerve

Apparently, stating the truth get's people in trouble. I have been working on this case for weeks, because I was asked too, The previous post that was here was about a certain B and her callus messages towards me.

However since Blogger got complaints, from B, I have been Sanctioned, silenced, reduced to saying nothing more but to watch that, Diesel VS RDCO page carefully and watch what you say, on that page due to B being a well to do Control Freak. Because you will be blocked with any comment that pertains to Dave.

Further more B never had permission to use "pictures" of Diesel on her fake page, just stating the obvious, that B and Dave are at separate ends of the ring. They do not see eye to eye and never have.

Not Only Have Some of my fellow advocates been blocked by her, yet she had the audacity to show a private message between her and a Suzanne.

Seriously? Why didn't you show the whole conversation, more or less of what you stated. Just saying, any decent person would show BOTH sides of the conversation not just one.

So yes, B is hiding something.

Truthfully there is no more information on Diesel, no one but the adopter and the RDCO knows where DIESEL is, and they surely will not let anyone know. As per agreement with the RULING by the JUDGE.

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