Thursday, May 16, 2013

Not Trolls Repost

IAmNotATrollRepost from:

This Person who calls themselves Jean Marie is actually Jon W. Aka Joseph Demitri. As many know Jon Williamson was arrested and was in jail for 3 days, until he made bail. They took his computer and have been monitoring him since than.
However he had the ability to make a comment on Voices for the breeds page, defending L.A.G.

So, how did he manage to get a message across if his “computer” was taken away? Who Knows Who Cares, every comment he makes will be monitored, that includes which ever computer he goes on. Add another one to the alias list.

The reason I am writing this post is to do some clarification on some of the things he has stated in this nonsense blog of his.

Jetz, is far from a heroin addict, Jetz is far from a troll, she is a very kind caring lovely woman, who does nothing but speak up for animal rights.
Jetz’s Blog can be found here with her rebuttal against J.C.D:

Now on to why he has mentioned our Page Owner for the Animal Rights Advocates Facebook Page. Harley helps admin the Voices for the breeds page, she also goes through all the messages along with several others, to sort out the hate from the legit emails, comments etc. Harley also volunteered herself to be part of a sort to speak guard dog, so only her profile is showing. And it’s reason like his blog post that protect the Voices for the Breeds Page owner from Slander.

Harley never had any communication with this Joseph Person, never had a reason too, until now. Harley’s Rebuttal is down below.
We do not know what J.C.D’s problem is, we do know that he is a liar, a stalker, a poser, and a person who cannot deal with reality very well. His actions have landed him in hot water, and for those who continue to follow and help him, you will land up where he does. In Jail for a very long time…

Harley’s Rebuttal:
Harley Latimere
4:36 PM

Why do you have my Facebook profile up with your nonsense? I never talked to you, never said anything about you. You are pointing the fingers at the wrong person. The only thing I do is help ADMIN Voices for the breeds page, by monitoring posts and going through hate messages. And occasionally editing their blog posts, nothing more.You truly know nothing about me or anyone for that matter, you lump us all together, without doing your homework first. Jon or Jean who ever you are, you are in clear violation of harassment and libel statements.

To continue on with what I previously Stated since google cut me off. Your Harassing and Libel statements are the reason you landed up in Jail, and I do think you should remove posts that target the Animal rights advocates/activists. They have no part in what others have said about you. Furthermore your statements are nothing short from childish, and now you throw a tantrum because you were caught, defaming, slandering, scamming, and being libelous. I don’t care if you target me, however at the very least have the common decency to say something truthful about who I am. I am far from a Troll, my team is far from a Troll. Your words have no power or any proof to back any of what you have stated up.

Where on this social network have you seen me say anything pertaining to you?

Truthfully the definition of trolling is harassment, lies, and stating despicable untruths about individuals, which to point out the complete obvious is what you and your crony’s have been doing.

You claimed you were with A.L.F which in fact you were not a part of them at all, and then you claimed your worked with L.A.G, wouldn’t doubt it since you an Viktim, have a lot in common with each other  in fact everything you both state is exactly the same. Both of your tactic’s are the same, rants are the same, except Viktim has way better grammar then you.

Curious as to which one came first, Viktim or J.C.D. Which ever the case you’re both crooks that need to be in lock up.

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