Monday, March 25, 2013

Con Artists Are Out To Play

Recent posts show another Con Artist out in the open in the Animal Rescue Community. Please beware of a rescue called You Lucky Dog Rescue Toronto. The person behind this rescue is named Michelle Brew.

This woman lives in Toronto Canada yes they do have dogs in their possession but not the MDAS dogs, thank goodness for that. Michelle Brew is known to drop dogs off at a high kill shelter in the Toronto area.

Recently myself and several others made comments on her so called rescue page, Warning people not to trust her... Are warnings were heard by some, yet not all. She deleted all our comments and warnings. Remind you of anyone?

So now I leave you with this warning. Do not donate to You lucky Dog Rescue Toronto, Michelle Claims she will pull dogs but never does, Collects the donations for dogs she doesn't have. Classic Con Artist. Michelle YLDRT is not 501C3 or DOA Gift Certification  Verified or even REGISTERED with any government Non for profit agency.

She is using the Georgia Rescues Name to collect donations.
You lucky dog rescue is in Alpharetta GA:

For More Proof of this Michelle Brew Being a Scam. Please watch this short Video Clip. Thank you Barbie for taking this video showing the proof of this Con Artist Michelle Brew and her associate...

Full screen it for better view.

Again does not have the MDAS dogs, they are still there and waiting for people to rescue or adopt them.

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