Saturday, March 23, 2013

Once Again I Am Left Saying

Why do people keep reporting pages that show abuse to FACEBOOK? How many times must I and Others tell you FACEBOOK doesn't report it to authorities! Every time you report a page, you possibly endanger the life of animals. You do not know if the people behind the pages are the ones doing the abusing or just supporting it.

Correct actions must be taken to deal with these issues. Reporting it to facebook is not the correct action.

Please understand, I would like these pages to be taken down as much as the next person, however not at the expense of an animal's life. There are groups and people who are willing to investigate these pages, I have them listed in my link section. So please report to those people and to the authorities.

The longer the pages are up, the longer evidence can be collected and used against those people, yes this even includes Dog fighting pages...

Remember to take snap shots, report all evidence to the groups provided and to the authorities. Many of these including me work closely with the authorities to put a stop to the people who abuse and use these animals in fights.

Facebook does nothing but take pages down which leads to animals endanger and possibly death... Please remember this the next time you report a page containing abuse and or dog fighting.

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