Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ernie Freeman- The Irony Explained

Since some thought my comment a bit racist, when I stated I can see the Irony in this... I am left here explaining what I meant, nothing new about that, most people can't see between the lines, or think it's utter bologna coming from an animal advocate.

First let me state this, I am not a racist, since I do not believe in the color of skin, since my way of thinking is that the color of skin does not count as a "RACE". Second if I was a racist, I would be against myself, since Humans as a whole are one race, we are all humans, humans makes up a race as a whole, no matter the color. Granted some humans are more ignorant than others, and they make the Decent ones look awful, however, that is ignorance and the mentality level... 

Third- the irony I see: The fact that Ernie is judging a dog based on the stereotypical non factual statements says it all. Basing someone or some animal based on their outer appearance is racist/breedism. As I have stated before, there is racism in the animal rights movement, and yes it does happen quite often.

Do we have an understanding now? He is judging a voiceless animal -for what a SELECT few were trained and or forced to do.

If I were robbed by a certain individual of color, then went out saying that all that certain color is Bad. That would be judgmental and colorist on my part.

Again this is exactly what ERNIE a Media Persona Has Done. 

I on the other hand judge based on actions, statements made by an individual, and direct my anger, or hatred toward that individual, not the entirety of the human race...

So for those who think me racist, I hope this cleared it up for you. 

I SEE GREY when it comes to the HUMAN RACE. We all bleed, cry, have emotions, and breathe the same air. However disappointing some humans can be with their Bigotry, Stupidity, and or Childish like way of thinking. We are in this together on this great big blue planet we call EARTH. 

It's time for everyone to WAKE UP and SEE THAT.

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