Saturday, March 16, 2013

Racism In The Animal Rights Movement-It Exists.

The usual crowd have once again, gone haywire and started a Petition to Boycott China. So boycotting china isn't racist? How isn't it, you are boycotting an entire country, when most of that country isn't to blame for the actions of a few. While you are boycotting this said country you are also targeting a PAGE that is against racism in the animal rights movement.

Steve, Petitions like boycott China is racist, because you are TARGETING an ENTIRE country and RACE. The page you speak of, does not consider the petitions racist, you twat, they consider the PEOPLE who make the Petitions, racist for making those petitions THAT Target an ENTIRE country and RACE. What do you not get? Also they do acknowledge the cruelty over there, they know it is happening, and there are ACTIVISTS and ADVOCATES already over there speaking out against the cruelty. Boycotting never works, what you are doing is out of pure hatred for a specific type of people/race. So yes this does make you a racist.

Blaming an entire country for what a few do is illogical, especially when it is only about 20% of the people doing this criminal act. Many people over there usually don't have any other choice but to work in this trade because their lives were threaten, yet you never thought to think about that have you? Think before making a petition!

If everyone in China was doing this dog meat trade, then there would be no Dogs... Seriously common sense, use your brains.

Truthfully once race is brought into an animal rights movement, the focus becomes altered and switched onto RACE, which means it is no longer about the animals, but the race of people. Do I make any sense to you yet?

If it's not boycotting a country, it is starting a petition that only allows AMERICANS to sign.

I think we had this discussion before Mrs. Julie Jo, this horse meat trade is not only in America, and for you to start this type of Petition without acknowledging other countries with having the same problem, is SELECTIVE and NARROW MINDED thinking. The horse meat trade is also in Europe, Spain and other areas, your petition is just targeting the USA. Please explain to me, how you think this is Advocating? True Advocates and ACTIVISTS, don't single out people, nor do they single out other countries that have similar issues.

You may or may not be racist, but you are ignorant to on-going problems in other countries with a similar issue.

These are the usual suspects that have been making it very difficult on the Wipe Out Racism page and I. We acknowledge there is horrible acts of violence being done in countries, we acknowledge that not of that countries people are doing this horrible act of violence. We also Acknowledge the trouble-makers in our Advocate/Activist community, starting petitions without proper research on that particular issue.

Steve would have people believe that WIPE OUT is actually the racist ones. I ask you How is that possible with a Message like the one above? If you can't read between the lines, it goes something like this: All Races are Beautiful, because truthfully there is only ONE RACE- The Human Race, color should not be a factor, since everything is and leads to GREY. Racism is learned through ignorance of this fact. Being born you are innocent and untouched by the filth of racism, which should be that way until the day your life has expired.

If this isn't proof enough that Steve Corcoran, is trying to recruit more people to his side, then I do not know what is. He sweet talks people into thinking he is truly helping, when in reality he just wants more Drones to slander Wipe Out, Den and Anthony.

The truly funny thing in all of this, Steve thinks Den is Anthony, Den lives over seas in the UK region and Anthony is in Canada you Twit... 

So please explain how 2 people are the same person? They're not, I know them both, and BOTH OF THEM, are individuals tired of your bullshit, quite frankly so are the rest of us. Oh, and yes I gave some nice information to the Saudi government and FBI, showed them our conversations and the harassment you have been doing to everyone, they did tell me they would be looking into everything, in fact I'm not the first to report you. (What A Shocker on that) So you have been harassing a lot of people have you? (Tsk Tsk) 

Enjoy the questioning Mr. SINOPEC OIL COMPANY, playing Animal Activist when you work at an oil company Ironic and hypocritical.


  1. Steve got me banned by facebook twice....first it was 24 hours n now 3 days....because I confronted him on his fake profiles....sigh....

    1. He's an A-hole, and when confronting him it's best to do it on a fake profile of your own. Because he loves getting people banned. That's okay though karma will get him for all the wrong he has done.