Monday, March 18, 2013

Spot Vs Staffordshire

Lady's and Gentlemen I would like to bring to your attention. A person who has made headlines as the Victim, Mafalda Clewlow. This woman has been spreading pictures of a MAN all over Facebook, now I am pretty sure any sane person in her position would not stand there and take pictures of their dog being attacked by another dog. In fact I'm 100% certain any SANE dog owner would be trying their hardest to pull the dogs apart.

Meet Spot- The Victim Dog or The Fight Starter- No one knows because only one side of the story is being told.

Huge bites my foot, a bit over exaggerating aren't we Daily Mail? Those bites aren't huge, although there is several bites there. Again exaggeration on the Daily Mails part.

This story has inconsistencies and contradictions of evidence. You'll see what I am speaking of shortly. Mafalda your dog is FINE! If this was a 25 minute fight with a Staffordshire bull terrier there would have been more damage. No Matter of force? You are adding onto the MYTH about locking Jaws, truthfully all you need is a break-stick and or a knowledge of NERVE points that make the dogs let go, which is underneath their Jaw line at the back. And if you truly cared about your dog you would of been trying to separate the two not take pictures until after the scuffle was over, you twat. I feel as though you were doing this to get your name out there to BOOST kitchen gadget sales.

The truth is, you stood there and took Pictures while your dog was being under attack or doing the attacking. Who's to say that your dog was on a leash or even had a collar on. I present to you The picture that shows Mafalda is also at fault.

Where is the LEASH Mafalda? Both dog owners are at fault here... Both dog owners did not have their dogs leashed at the time of the attack. So therefor both dogs might be Dog aggressive.

She's telling people to beware of this guy^. This picture was taken after the Scuffle between the two dogs. That guy is the owner of THAT dog. That Guy was one of the Three Guys helping to pull the dogs apart. As Shown Below.

Again What Exactly were you doing Mafalda? Standing there, taking pictures. Did you truly report it to the police? Police do not wait until Sunday or the next day to investigate a report like this, they do come to your home or area where you are at, AND TAKE the report right there and then.

I honestly think all you did was report it to the Again I don't trust people who go straight to the NEWS with STORIES that haven't been investigated by the PROPER authorities.

And for those who keep saying this is a PITBULL it is not, it is a STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER. Completely different breed, yet it falls under the label of PIT BULL. However that will be for a Later Article, right now this is about Mafalda sullying a person's reputation and putting his LIFE in danger by those who are willing to take the law into their own hands.

As you can see from the photo's she did take, it is quite obvious the owner and his friends were helping her get the dog off of her dog. While she just stood there, doing nothing, but taking pictures. I think this whole thing by far is a complete and utter set-up. Like I said before, to get your name out there to boost your kitchen gadget sales.

I think you and them both need to be investigated.

This is me CALLING YOUR BULL CRAP. Especially since you keep deflecting questions on your page and deleting peoples posts. Posts that have been confronting you about this whole situation. People have a right to know what really happened here. Especially since you are the one who made it public MAFALDA.
If you can't get your story straight about this situation, then obviously you are hiding something.

Trust me, if police have become involved they will find out everything about this situation and they will let the truth out. So as a Forewarning, I think it's best if you do start fessing up about what exactly happened, and please stop putting all blame on the SBT owner, when you too are at fault.

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