Friday, April 12, 2013

Hello My Old Friend

My old friend, how have you been? I have not seen you headache in a very long time, why the sudden visit? Because Voices, you are doing right, the pain is there to let you know, your battle is not yet complete.

Pain Let's you know you're alive!

The person who said welcome to hell, should of warned me about the sleepless nights, the headaches, the tears, the haters, and most of all the idiots who can't read comprehensive sentences. Oh wait, she did, by welcoming me to hell.

An Advocates life is not an easy one, we must always be persistent  strong willed and always, bring the facts and truth to our speeches. I have learned this in my 15 years of advocating that not all battles will be won over night, and foremost not everyone will see eye to eye. Yet I have learned to be wary of who and who not to trust, within the past couple of days.

Explain to me why, Advocates can't seem to agree to disagree, like an adult? Why must people slander and belittle others? I thought us being as we are humans could evolve past the petty differences and disputes. I guess my thinking that this could possibly happen is wrong. Ergo there in lies my headache.

So as an Advocate for the past 15 years, I've come to an understanding. If others feel as though you are wrong, but you are right. It is best to ignore them, continue with what you are doing, Speak for the animals, be their voice and be strong while doing it. Because at the end of the day, when all has been stated and done, you and those who follow and support you, know that what we all are doing is the right thing.

There will be those who hate you for speaking out, because they fear the truth. There will be those who try to damn and sabotage what you do, because they fear change. There will be those who try to lie and slander you, because they fear the consequences around the corner.

Everything happens for a purpose, and that purpose is, to be the VOICE and have the COURAGE to face the EVIL that is out there, when everyone else turns their back on the animal kingdom.

Be Vigilant
Be Prepared
Be Strong
Be Courageous
Most of all Be That VOICE, these animals need.

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