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The Dog House Dispute

Since not many people know, what the Dog House is, I will explain exactly what it is. The Dog House is a boarding facility located in Pompano, Florida. This boarding facility also has a grooming establishment affiliated with them. Two men by the name of Jim and Howard Own the Dog House. Now you are probably asking yourselves, why would I be writing about The Dog House, quite simply put there has been animal neglect happening at this establishment, and their supporters aren't making them look any better. Especially with all the hateful comments and attacks on the Dog Rescues the Good the Bad and the Ugly of south Florida, Facebook page.

The Dog House is a boarding facility, not a rescue and not a shelter. I am not attacking the Dog House, and I am not trying to get it shut down either, since some would like to put blame where it does not belong. The fact is there are always two sides of a story and I am just reporting my side of this issue.

Facts are Facts-
1. Two Men own and run the Doghouse and they seem to be overwhelmed with the current situation that is going on.
2. The Dog House is a boarding/Grooming Facility - Not a rescue or shelter.
3. Rescues, Shelters and other people have been using this boarding facility as a place to dump dogs.
4. What really gets to me is the fact that Howard and Jim remove dog beds along with other items donated by lovely people; these items are than TRASHED right after the donators’ leave the area.
5. They currently have a closed off room were dogs are being kept.
6. They refuse to network these dogs to find them a better forever home.

Jim was asked several consecutive times, for photographs of these dogs, Jim denied them the photos every time. Again, I am not here to attack and or make the doghouse look bad. Doghouse supporters are doing a bang up job of that all on their own.

Let us agree to disagree shall we? For a couple of days there has been a dispute… Three people in particular, were in fact mudslinging. The head of these mudslingers is one named Mark, followed by Penny, and then Donna. Donna came on to my friend’s forum and started bringing up events from 10 to 15 years ago with one of our teammates. Her comments were non-constructive to the issue at hand, and it was off focus from the discussion of how to help these stuck dogs at the Dog House.

Frankly, none of this arguing is not, I will repeat, IS NOT helping the dogs in question! In addition, this is where we stepped in. To try to get the focus were it belonged, back on the dogs that are stuck, but to no avail. Screen Shots down below will show a majority of the conversation going on with this dispute. Like always, I will explain the conversation after each snap shot.

As you all can see our friends at the DRGBU page was re-posting a copy and paste message, from a Joann Goodrich. The date is 2012, not 2013 yet she is the founder of the rescue that saved Diddy. Full screen this snap shot to get the gist of what it says.

 Yes now there are people bad mouthing a reputable rescue such as Destiny for dogs.

Our Friends here at the DRGBU, just want people to be opened minded, to what is going on behind closed doors. There are those out there that sell dogs, without caring what happens afterwards. The radio show she was referring to is the Dog House in Pompano FL. Which can be listened too here:

Sherri Made an excellent point, and I will add my two cents here: The good reputable rescues have been having a hard time gaining trust, due to so many shady dealers down in South Florida. Death Row Dog Rescue is not a rescue at all. In addition, Fur Angels Animal Rescue, is prime example of a crooked animal rescue. In addition, they are the ones that have been making it difficult to trust legitimate rescues out there. Because of them, Reputable decent rescues have been losing donations and so forth, for more than one reason.

1. People do not know who to trust anymore with money, since the issue with Death Row Dog Rescue- Diana Peters taking money for dogs she does not have to use it for her own personal gain.

2. People fail to ask the questions such as: Do you have a 501C3 or a Department of agriculture gift certification. Alternatively, May I have your Vet information so I can donate directly to them.

3. a Majority of Reputable rescues, switched from Chipin, to Fundrazr and paypal, since Chipin closed their doors for collecting donations... Because of this switch, it became easier for SCAM ARTISTS, to collect donations.

Ergo trust is lost because of these scam artists out there.

As we continue with the screen shots, we can find Mark starting the mudslinging toward Sherri. The fact is no one was trashing the dog house on my friend's page, we were questioning and asking for help to get the dogs that were STUCK there networked, noticed etc. Those dogs that are stuck there deserve a home a chance at freedom and a good life. There is more screen shots about this, however I would like to get to the gritty part of this dispute, where it went off focus.

This is exactly the type of moronic hate Advocates like us deal with on a daily basis, because they are too blind to see, that we want to NETWORK the dogs, to get noticed by the public, to get them adopted out. If trying to Network the dogs, by using their pictures is wrong, then tell me how else are we supposed to get them noticed? Since Jim has closed that back room to the public. Hence, why these dogs are stuck and endanger of neglect.

Reminder everyone Sabrina is a very dedicated animal lover and wants nothing more than to Network the dogs in question. Sabrina has never made fun of disabled people; if she had, we would not be talking with her. It was someone else who had posted frequently on my friends page, who is now BANNED from ever posting again. A majority of my team members has a disability, but does not let that interfere with advocating and or working to save animals. Having a disability is not an excuse to quit being constructive and or putting your life on hold. I should know, I am half-blind and have a Nerve/joint issue. Yet this does not stop me from going forward with Advocating and helping animals. So come again Penny?

Fur Angel Animal Rescue as I have stated before, has and expired Gift Certificate, which in Florida allows you to collect donations legally. Fur Angel Animal Rescue, was also giving dogs to Diana Peters of Death Row Dog Rescue, Diana Peters is not a rescue, or a 501C3 holder. Fur Angel Animal Rescue is required by the Florida State Law and Legal Agreement with MDAS, to have her adopters fill out paper work before any dog can be adopted out... The reason for this is to make sure the dogs in question go to the right people, and have a credible background. Along with if the dog somehow get's stolen and or lost, they know who to go too, to question. Along with doing Checkups once in awhile making sure the dog is healthy and safe. Fur Angels Animal Rescue failed to keep their paperwork in order, and were caught by MDAS from an anonymous tipper. Therefore, putting blame on us for their mistake was uncalled for.

Going to was making a point, if the doghouse lied about being BBB accredited what else could they have lied about? is reputable resources many of us use to find out if the rescues/business's and so on are legit, due to they show how many complaints they have against them and list what type of business they are.

This dispute continued onto Sunday- Snap Shots Below:

So, referring to me as a stupid bitch helps the Dog House's reputation how? Advocating for them like this just proves how illegitimate they really are. Especially when they are getting their so-called supporters to speak for them. Darcy who owns the Dog Rescues page, is also speaking on behalf of her page, she is not letting all her supporters speak up. Personally, I stepped in because DARCY has been working on 0 energy yet; everyone feels it necessary to crucify her, for wanting to get these stuck dogs into a safe environment.

I know they’re not a rescue or shelter, nowhere in my statement have I said that they were a rescue or a shelter. However, for those who were just coming on to this forum might have not known, thank you for pointing that out. However, since they are only a Boarding facility, why are they using a back room as a holding area? Why is the Doghouse owner not taking pictures of the stuck dogs to network them and possibly get these dogs adopted out...?

Penny keep my page name out of your mouth, since you like to slander anyone who doesn't agree with you. Dog Rescues, is not a witch hunting page. They work with us and our team of people, who investigate, be it ex law enforcement or those who still work on the enforcement team. What don't you get Penny? We just want to help get these dogs into HOMES.

I agree with Dog Rescues about that statement, since mark has been on this page causing nothing but trouble for my friends/teammates. Show the documentation Mark. Since you know so much about the rescue world and all. Frankly all I know you for is being a self-proclaimed person who rescues, and is not a RESCUE WORKER and or has any affiliation with any rescue organization.

As you can see, this eventually gave me a god-awful headache dealing with these 3 that had the mentality level of a child. The fact is we are not trying to get THE DOG HOUSE shut down, what we are trying to do is get pictures of the dogs in question, to help these dogs get noticed. By networking the dogs on social media networks, such as Facebook and or Petharbor. Mark kept bringing up the MDAS dogs, first off I share those dogs all over the place on Facebook, LFA-PETS page, in groups, on my own personal accounts and so on. Others and I have not been ignoring the MDAS dogs, yet we do feel it necessary to network the dogs that are stuck at this boarding facility since the OWNERS are OVERWHELMED.

As for Cheryl Woods saying she would get these pictures from the dog house... Lies are always caught on public forum Cheryl.

Oh sure, you'll get those pictures.... And than two hours later we find this post on the DogHouse Pompano account. Would you like to enlighten us?

As for Donna: Thanks for this screen shot H.L.

Anyone who supports the Death Row Dog Rescue page cannot be trusted, since they are encouraging Diana Peters to continue to collect donations for dogs she does not have, to line her pockets. So she can pay for her bills, smokes, food for herself etc. None of the donations go toward the dogs. Speaking of Diana Peters, and how she likes to boast about her so called quarter acre of land and such.

Here's her so called Rescue Ranch:

Yeah do the supporters still think Diana Peters is legit in all she apparently does? Think again people. This is where her "Rescue" apparently is.
2012 Snap Shot by Bing: 

Back to The DogHouse issue at hand, if anyone knows any information on the dogs stuck in the back room, that Rescues and Shelters have dropped off never to pick up again. Please Share your experiences with us. Also, please try to convince Jim and Howard to give us some Pictures of the dogs in question, so we can NETWORK them to help the dogs find homes.

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