Wednesday, April 17, 2013

3 Day Ban- I don't care

I have another ban on my head, because of a certain person who has been reporting me, on her many Aliases. I really do not care, Diana Peters. The truth will continue to be told about you, and how you scam people out of their money for your personal Needs.

You think, because you reported me due to a picture giving to me of a dog you were trying to collect donations on will effect me? Think again, there are other people besides myself whom have been spreading word about you, and eventually the AUTHORITIES will look into you.

And posting links to your NOTES on my PAGE, how will that help you? It won't, because it's all a bunch of lies. You are Banned from posting on my page now. And if you try with your aliases, they too will be banned from posting. Only fair since you banned me from posting on your page.

3 days of not being able to post on Facebook? Seriously, I am not affected by it in any way shape or form.

The fact is you are trying desperately to cover your ass, it won't work. Your own contradictions and lies on your page have already put you in hot water, without my help.

Listen up people Diana Peters use to be an antique dealer, in Mountainhome Pa. And even then her "Antiques" weren't antiques, they were knock offs. Then she moved to Florida with this business.

So, how does an antique business woman get into this line of work? She use to work for MDAS and the BAC shelters, and left and or got fired. Then she started a rescue, which she was legit once upon a time ago. However, took a turn down the crooked path when she found out she could MAKE MONEY off of Donations. She has no rescue, she isn't a rescue. Diana Peters is LIVING OFF OF YOUR MONEY, because she has no job to speak of.

My advice to you Diana... GET A JOB support your own self and stop scamming these good people out of their money.

And Again

Oh and Yes we do have a private group for those who would like more information on fraudulent, animal abusive people. Everyone has a right to this information, everyone has a right to decide for themselves about people, who would do harm to our precious creatures out there. We will not be silenced, we will get creative at spreading the word though. If you would like to join our group, just click the link:

Thank you everyone for your continued support, in this long battle against the haters, scammers and abusers.

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