Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Meeting Agenda - Stray's In Our Town

The topic of our meeting today was the stray's in our town. The reason for this topic is because there are an increasing amount of stray's being found. From dog to cat, puppies and kittens, they can be found nearly every day wandering around our streets.

Topic: How to cut down on the stray population

1. Spay and NEUTER your outdoor pets.
2. If cats and dogs aren't fixed do not leave them outside.
3. Either Call the ACO, or save them yourself and take them to a NO KILL shelter.
4. Stop dumping your animals were you feel like it, Take them to a NO KILL shelter.

4 excellent points made, in our meeting today.

Topic: Down side to rescuing strays

Many have brought up this point, they have seen people throw objects at cats and dogs that wander into a yard. Due to this, animals have been becoming skittish, and fearful of people. This has to stop, we have discussed how to stop these people from throwing object at these strays.

1. Get permission from your local authority to post up fliers, about not throwing objects at strays.
2. On these fliers you will have your local ACO and No Kill shelter numbers.
3. Share these fliers with local stores, vet offices and pin them up to telephone poles.
4. State on these fliers why throwing objects at strays is wrong.

If it isn't fliers, ask your local education system to add this Curricular to the learning table. Ask local SPCA and or ACO, RESCUES to make school assembly speeches.

Stray's deserve love and respect, they deserve a home and a life at happiness.

Topics to be discussed in the next couple of weeks:
Craigslist usage
Dog Fighting

Reporting Animal Abuse
Reporting Fraud

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