Monday, June 24, 2013

Foot Down- Stop the Feud!

Children should be seen, not heard- I think I like this quote/reference.

Many know by now that there is a war going on by two different groups, recently one of our teammates was messaged on Facebook with a link to the lestrollops blog. Sorry to say, trying to get us involved with this feud or trying to make us see reason to take sides will not help your cause, or goal which ever that might be.

This is about a dog’s life yet you are turning it into something much more. Point Blank the dog “Lennox” was put to death for the wrong reasons. And yet you all continue to bicker amongst each other.

Let it be known I am not taking any sides, not yet, unless both parties can legitimately prove that they are right or the other is wrong. You both have done none of that so far.

What I do not appreciate is taking something that Deed Not Breed Uk has stated and turned it into something it wasn't meant for. (Lestrollops) 

Where is the proof that these people have threatened you, with anything, Lestrollops?

Where is the proof that Mel Page has all these aliases? You are taking snap shots of random names and putting it together stating it is Mel Page. Sorry to say, it proves nothing and anyone with a brain can see you are doing this to destroy someone’s reputation over a disagreement you had during a meeting/conference/court.

I am an outsider looking in, I am looking at both blogs and the most I get from them is a bunch of women/men, mud slinging insults at one another. Quite frankly, grow up.

I do believe I am not the only who feels like they're caught back in high school drama. I do not care who is right or wrong in this situation, when both parties are wrong, for attacking each other online, instead of talking it out like ADULTS.

Also taking screenshots of Mel’s Page Facebook account having a conversation with friends about stupid things proves what? Nothing and the comments on your lestrollops blog belong to those who are in your little hate/attacker group. 

Lennox Case affiliates who are possibly writing the Lestrollops blog, is Winters and several others. Of course they would start hating on those who found out the truth of what happened... Which I will leave for those who are not in the feud to disclose to the public when they are ready.

Not my place, since the only thing I truly know about Lennox, is he was taken, put in the pound and then put to death. I truly do not care for back story or who's right or wrong, The only thing I truly care about is the fact that a life was lost due to DDA and BSL.

Truthfully the more I read Lestrollops blog the more I feel reason to side with LLAAV. Since this has been happening for about 18 months straight now, and it seems as though Lestrollops doesn't care about anything but sullying names, or taking screenshots of conversations between friends.

This is one of the screenshots I am talking about, They took what DNB uk stated and twisted it into something else.

Sigh, taken a screenshot and underlining words to make it mean something else helps your case how? I see no underlining meaning here. Mel made a statement that is true and to the point. People/Owners should have a choice at which organization to use, and it shouldn't matter how many number of cases, but the the amount of care these animals receive.

I sense some jealousy with the lestrollops blog... Far as I can Tell Mel, isn't obsessed with numbers not even in her "Heather Jones" Days. Did we mention Mel is Mel, and Heather is Heather.

Yet as I stated above, they take screenshots of different accounts and try to make you believe that all those accounts are of the same Person. Trust me, they are not the same person, they are all individuals.

Don't take my word for how vile Lestrollops are being just visit their blog and you will see the insanity.

Meanwhile LLAAV, is stuck defending themselves from such insanity... And this is where I put my foot down.

Both sides have made this into a dispute, a long out battle.
Both Sides are at fault here for continuing the bickering.
Both Sides, need to hash this out like adults not like high school teenage girls.
There is too much drama in the world for this to continue, the deed was done, Lennox is lost to us... And you know what.... BOTH PARTIES are TARNISHING his MEMORY and what he STOOD FOR. 

And truthfully Lestrollops this dispute should have been kept between you, Mel and possibly ted, heather and pallack.

Not Karin or the others you have listed on your "troll list". I know Karin personally and she is far from a troll, she is a lovely woman who cares deeply for all these animals that need homes, or whom have been deemed dangerous unfairly. She is also my Teammate and a great asset to my research team, Maybe if you got to know her, you would have seen that, but no, Lestrollops decided to stalk, and harass her for asking a simple question on a page.

So asking where the information came from apparently makes people a troll, lestrollops? I would have asked the same question if I had seen this page. Some things are hard to believe, without the proof to back it up.

Lestrollops, LLAAV.. My statement to both of you.

First to Lestrollops:

Stop stalking, harassing, slandering and defaming, DNB UK and EGAR, you are not helping the animals involved, what you are doing is making it impossible for these dogs to find homes. What don't you understand? EGAR from what I understand it is practically the only bully breed rescue Ireland has right now.. Why would you damage this for them? Why would you say such trash about them? Them whom have been working hard to get these dogs into proper homes and out of danger from being Euthanized...

If you truly care for any animals life you would stop these asinine attacks on these groups.

DNB UK helps owners with the DDA am I correct? Helps them handle the court cases etc, now if you continue to attack DNB Uk, where are these owners supposed to turn to then when they need help with these court cases, or help handling the pressure that the DDA has been dishing out. This not only affects the owners, but the dogs lives in this case.

So please forgive me if I think you need to give these unwarranted attacks a rest for awhile, because I truly see no need for them since this is all based on a disagreement.
If you want to help these animals, then do so, but not if it costs the lives of others..

I know you have been through a tremendous amount of stress piled on from Lestrollops... Yet feeding into the hype, and trash talk doesn't make this look anymore good on you either.

Ignore, block, ban that's all you can do, that's all any of us can do with people who chose to show hate instead of help or constructive comments. Truly I know where I stand and I must say even though I agree with some of what you have stated....

The dispute, is unwarranted, it's unprofessional, it looks childish. And most of all it takes focus off the issue at hand, which is FIGHTING against the BSL.

Remember this next time you all start poking at each others throats.. Use your hate for each other to focus on advocating against the BSL and DDA laws. And not this he said, or she said arguments.

It's pointless, it's tiresome, and a majority of other advocates are getting sick and tired of being dragged into this bullarchy, when they have said nothing or have done nothing for them to be dragged into it. Keep this battle between yourselves and in private. No one cares for this drama, no one cares for the he said she said scenario when there isn't any evidence to back the statements made.

Good Luck to the both of you, May the better person walk away from this and learn to IGNORE the attention seeking ways of hateful people.

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