Saturday, June 22, 2013

It Just Doesn't Stop - Pit Haters Are illogical

My friend shares a petition on a page for the defense of Pit bulls, and this woman Marie casually comments like it doesn't mean anything. Marie, If you must know the only feelings hurt were yours and DBO's founder. Then again we all know truth hurts doesn't it?

Where is she getting this information? You cannot tell a pitbull based on looks, a DNA test is required, or did you miss that memo? Furthermore you didn't answer our friends question about DBO...

So, I'll ask. If DBO supports human life, why does she stalk and attack people, along with affiliating herself with a known child killer and people like you?

Fair question, would love to see it answered. Pit's do not have a high prey drive sweety, unless you consider their origins of HERDING high prey drive, then again they don't kill live stock unless TRAINED wrong.

I believe we covered this before unpredictability are caused by the dog fighters who train and breed their dogs to be aggressive... It is the dog fighters fault that we have this problem. Do some research Marie.

15 out of 16? That's a bit off, fact is there were no PIT BULLS in the news, but then again since the Bull Mastiffs and cane corso's along with other breeds are under this label, it would be accurate. However, they are not pit bulls, APBTS weren't in the news this year unless it was a dog fighting raid bust that had rescued APBTS. Would you like to continue as my friend asked...

I surely didn't see you say they weren't bred for fighting, I saw you clearly state that Dogfighters - Pit fighters do this. Which is fact, yet you are correct Marie is missing the key points that you have stated.

This is what advocates deal with on a daily basis from these haters. The illogical spurting of falsified statements.

Marie I do believe you have a nickname don't you, Something along the lines of Mad-dog? I wonder why that is.

Like my friend stated, keep repeating you are doing a great impersonation of a PARROT. 

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