Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Theft Among The ARA Community

Theft Lies and false copyright. – Facebook fails to investigate properly.

We have been emailed, on all of our accounts and asked to deal with the Situation pertaining to a Tony Z. It seems as though Tony has been stealing research, pictures, and hard work pertaining to animals that are in danger. 

We see this as a wrong doing on Tony Z’s part. We understand that he wants to help these animals, yet what we don’t understand is why he has to claim hard work by others as his own.

Recently CEE4LIFE and Michael Bachelard had their work claimed by Tony Zadel… Now we know a lot of you lovely people out there have seen a post pertaining to the Sorry State of the Surabaya Zoo… This had an emaciated tiger in the posts, which Tony claimed he took the pictures.

Truth is Tony did not take those pictures nor did he do any research about the Surabaya Zoo.

Photo Evidence of his treachery.

Our Friend Bobbie was sharing Cee4Life's and others petition with that picture attached, and Tony reported her to Facebook, saying it was his work. That is not Tony's work, that is Michaels and CEE4LIFE'S work. Michaels Article can be found here:

Now here is the interesting part We are about to show you-

Copyright by Tony Zadel^ yet he is linking to other peoples works, pictures and petitions in his post. How are people this blind? He didn't start the petitions, He's not with CEE4LIFE and he doesn't know Michael. There is more than one petition about this zoo, yet Tony is acting like he did all that hard work.

It's amusing to say the least, how are you going to do all that hard work and post non-stop on facebook? You wouldn't, it would be days before anyone heard from you again unless you had teammates helping you, which CEE4LIFE has.

This isn't the only group he stole from to claim as his own. The following pictures are Courtesy by MOP.COM and News Coverage Courtesy by China Society
Another News Coverage by Kristina Chew, found on
One of Our Teammates was nice enough to show up with alarming evidence, She will remain nameless.

The Following is copy and paste:
go here girls... Tony Zadel attacked ACE today

you will see that ACE is going to take him on for reporting copyright infringement (just like he did me)... and people are mad! Cause he's stopping sharing of serious animal abuse issues.

His fake accts:
This looks like one of his fake accounts.. his ego let him down.. he uses these to like his own comments! (original account ???)

His real account:

Check groups he's in on both groups, warn those you know!!!!

Tony's account is Tony.Zadel the other one is his backup. We are not really sure if those are his fakes, however, please heed caution if he does start attacking you.

Now I know many dislike ACE for supporting LAG, yet in this case the reference the enemy of my enemy is my Friend fits here...

ACE's Statement:

The links are to Snapshots of How Tony Attacks certain organizations and community pages. Which we will share with you.

 Yes even Tony took pictures from PETA and claimed the work as his own.

The attack on ACE^ real mature Tony.

No Tony, let us be clear you were not the first, Cee4Life and others were.

Tony, you're busted, and proof is in everything you have shared on your facebook account. How long did you think you would get away with this? 

Tony when you do this copyright infringement report you not only hurt the organizations that took the time to do research and help these animals, but you also hurt the animals in the process, because facebook takes the petitions down, along with the story behind it. And where does that leave the community at? It leaves them not knowing about these animals because of your self absorbed EGO for Stardom.

Your 15 minutes of fame is now over, and people will be aware of what you have done now.

As for those who have been victimized by Tony, please leave comments or email us at

Additional Information Just Received.
Recently a post was shared around Facebook about an Elephant, being jumped on while drowning and Of Course Tony took credit for this as well. Again Busted in the act.

The original posting about this issue came from different news sites in Australia and Germany.
Following Links:

June 13th first post found about the Elephant, Now Look at Tony's Date Sunday was the 23rd:

More Information will be added to this Article as we receive it. Check back often.


  1. GO AND FUCK YOURSELF !! you are only copying partially all these affairs and what really has happened ! you are aégain lying with the pictures of the Surabaya zoo that you have taken from me and not from Cee4 the prove is that you have added chronologically my petitions that was attached to that pic you have downloaded from me !! stop lying !! you and your Polish friend Miss agatka borecki are two BIG CLOWNS !!!

    1. Wow Really? Using such language and hostility really helps your case bra. Think you need to take a step back and realize how much damage you're actually doing to these people and animals. We are all about Pro-Life here, you not so much.

      What does being Polish have to do with anything? And what makes you think that this blog owner and Agatka are friends? They could just be people with the same goal. You know the goal to helping animals have a voice.

      Mr. Zaadel with all do respect, check your attitude at the door next time you respond to these lovely people.

  2. Tony, I'm going to let your comment stay here. I didn't download anything from you. It's called Print Screen. Do you know what that is? It's takes photos off of the website/computer for people to post on their accounts. And I am not the one who took these screen shots. By the way, those who you STOLE from are the ones who submitted it to me. Cee4life and Michael are the ones who have done the hard-work Tony, and resorting to hostile retaliation only proves more that you are in the wrong. How am I lying when the proof of what you have stated is all there? You were doing a happy dance when you took petitions shared by ACE empty cages worldwide down.

    The only way this will get settled Tony... Is if you start being in those PICTURES that you claim is YOURS.

    Furthermore, You are the one hurting these organizations and ANIMALS every time you take down a PETITION or STORY from being shared. It should not be about YOUR FAME it should be about the ANIMALS IN NEED. Not your EGO trip.

  3. Well here another prove of your false allegations !! herewith the copy of my Message from today to CEE4LIFE demanding to confirm me that what you said i have STOLEN from them all these infos and the trio picture of melani the tiger IS FALSE AND A HUGE DEFAMATION LIE FROM YOU ! wait and see the answer from them .. i'm curious to see if you will published that you wrongly have judged me afterwards..

    1. Again not everything came from Cee4life and Michael, We did say "Others". These photos can be found around the web from their original source, you still prove nothing Tony. Only that you want "Fame". Continue. The harassment and the attacks. You are proving all of are statements to be accurate. Are you mad that we are succeeding in proving you wrong? Or that maybe, just maybe people are unfriending you, Or maybe because your account is going to be deleted?

  4. Well well .. very interesting when someone want to answer on you false allegations.. it says : "
    Your comment will be visible after approval." WHY APPROVAL ?? BECAUSE YOU POST WHAT EVER YOU LIKE !! Isn't? of course you will not post something which shows that you was or are completely wrong !! well that's the shit with your guy's ! no wonder Anonymous.. is a synonyme of COWARDS !!

    1. Approval is needed for more than a couple reasons. We do not like Auto-bot Advertisements in our comment section, not do we like racism in the comments section. Continue Tony.

    2. Nor do we like racism* further more again... Look somewhere else for more proof of your treachery. like here:

  5. In these publications-screenshots you made.. like the one of Madi the 43 year old elephant.. you clearly prove that i have not taken my link from that source !! the content and the picture are totally different ! in addition THERE IS NO SINGLE PETITION ATTACHED TO BOTH OF THE "Stupid" links you are trying to exposing as "stolen" from them.. !! you make a fool of yourself or you can't read the contents or understand the content because the foreign language !! This was my last message to you CLOWNS !! you are so stupid .. you are not worth to discuss because you are showing yourself by your so-called "prove of evidence" links that these are totally not the same that the one i have posted on my fb wall as well the content of it !! same for the turtle of bali.. you re so stupid to show by screenshot that "Occupy For Animal" (Miss Pia Berrend) has admitted that the infos are coming from me.. is quite the contrary of what you wanted to expose ! well done !!! Lmao OMG :D ! you are not an interesting rival or challenge for me.. "Too low brained" Adios //

    1. Tony you clearly are blind, and clearly are a coward. Those screenshots are proof of your thievery. You want me to show the original Article of the elephant? I was just showing the Video and Picture you stole at first. But if you want the article, fine I'll put it up there as well. Oh by the way tony- We no longer use this blog much- Since we changed our "page" name. Try looking elsewhere for more proof of your treachery.

    PLEASE READ:cee4life Today 1:47pm
    Hi Tony, you most certainly didnt steal this photo from us at all because this photo is not Cee4lifes in the first place. I am unsure of who's photos these actually are. Sybelle

    1. Tony you do realize photos can be traced right?and Tony the only one afraid is the one blocking the people that YOU know can RUIN you... If you want to direct the word Coward some where Look Into The Mirror~~ Lulz~~ You inbox me with smiley icons? and childish banter THEN BLOCK ME!!! who is the coward? TONY ZIDEL GO AHEAD ASK ME WHO I AM

  7. Tony my friend !!! How the fuck are you LULZ~~~

  8. Hey Tony... you know you steal! See works like this:
    You only own the photo IF you took the photo with your own camera.
    You only own the petition links if you made the petition.
    You only own the twitter link if its your twitter account.
    You only own the video link if you made the video with your video equipment.

    You are a plagiarist. You take the hard work of so many across ARA circles, then put a copyright symbol; which you know is highly illegal, and then pan it off as your own!

    I hope the police finally take issue with you and your abuse of other races of people and women.

    You will not be on Facebook for that much longer, people do not appreciate stealing, plagiarism, lies, intimidation of women and racism.

    Give Credit to others or Get Out!

  9. Io non sono amica di T.Z. e lo ribadisco a voce alta. TZ ha avuto da ridire con me perchè secondo lui io non potevo pubblicare link di petizioni che avevo firmato. L'ho "mandato a quel paese" perchèla sua arroganza non mi piace neanche un poco e soprattutto non mi piace essere accusata ingiustamente di cose che non sono vere. Ribadisco: IO NON SONO AMICA di TZ e non lo voglio essere. quando io clicco "like" su facebook significa che ho firmato la petizione, è un modo per non cliccare ripetutamente su petizioni che ho già firmato. Saluti Cassiopea Valentina.

    1. Se non sei amico di TZ allora perché si condivide il suo lavoro? Scherzi a parte, se avesse tutte queste cose negative da dire su di te, avresti potuto farsi avanti e dirci. Siamo stati e tuttora stiamo esponendo il suo tradimento. Penso che possiamo essere d'accordo le sue azioni di theivery devono essere fermati, sì? Prenderò il tuo nome, tuttavia, lavorare con noi in modo che lui possa fermare dal mettere a tacere il movimento per i diritti degli animali.

    2. ho visto solo oggi il link di questo blog su Against-animal-abuse. Come mi sono accorta che lui ha fatto tutto questo io ho subito firmato la petizione contro di lui. Sono pienamente d'accordo con te che va fermato, lui non può arrogarsi tutto, lui non è dio. IO SONO CON VOI!

  10. i my self have had him say i dont sign the petions this is wot he say to me today after he find out i blocked him the msg from him follows ..Tony Zaadel
    I'm allergic to hypocrites like you !! you have blocked me on my other account like a real witch and a big hypocrite cowards ! I'm kicking you out of my 2 groups.. and if again i will see your name i will make a big post against you so people will know WHO YOU REALLY ARE MISS PINOCCHIO !!! shame on you you keep saying "Signed" ha.. you foolish liar clown !