Tuesday, June 18, 2013

When It Storms- It's A Powerful One.

Have we lost retrospective? The ability to look back and learn from our past mistakes seems to have slipped the minds of many. It's important to have this trait when advocating to learn from our mess ups in speeches, and out crys.

We have seen too many advocates, and page owners, plus some of our own team members make little inspiration or constructiveness critique to our goal.

With all the meetings we have had with our local neighborhoods, we've come to the conclusion that not everyone is on the same page, not everyone is truly aware what BSL truly is. Not everyone is aware of the dangers Craigslist posses. And not everyone is aware of the reality in shelters or of PETA.

With all the "hate pages" we have been told about, we came to another conclusion or should we say... A means of questioning these pit haters Seriousness.

We question the seriousness, for a couple of reasons. With all the posts these haters have made on their page, a majority of them come off as a joke, or moronic in statements.

Such Statements as random statistics. One in statement in particular clicked with us. (In the state of Texas and California over 2,000 dog bite attacks were by pit bulls.)

Now being that some of our teammates are in California and Texas we had to ask them is this accurate?

The statement is only partially accurate, yes there were over 2,000 bites/attacks and there are 4 states that had these statistics. Georgia, Illinois, California and Texas. However it was not by specific BREEDS. The highest rate listed was of Labradors, German Shepherds, Chihuahua's and Mixes, pit and other, from the ER records/testimonies of patients..

Will also point out that many of the patients that came into the ER couldn't really identify the dogs in question and gave the generic answer of Might have been a MIX.

So of course there is going to be over 2,000 reports! There were different dogs in the listings and furthermore that "statistic" was taken back in 2010-2011 and has fallen down to 2.1% in 2012, and has continued to lower even now.

Since advocate's and others have been stating Bite Prevention tips.

Another Statement by Anti Pit Advocates- Pits have locking jaws.

No They do not, their muscle structure even though strong, are like any other dog breed, their jaw doesn't lock. Please ask a Vet to show you Xrays of their bone structure and muscle structure and compare it to other dogs. You will see the similarities.

Anti Pit Advocate statements- Inbred, mutants, land sharks, crocodiles, alligators, attack without provocation, inherently dangerous, they don't feel pain.

Inbred- yes, if they are from puppy mills, backyard, basement breeders.
Mutants- far from it, they are DOGS nothing more

Land Sharks- Where's the fin and double eye lids?
Crocodiles/Alligators- Where's the scaly skin, and DOGS ARE NOT COLD BLOODED.

Attack without provocation- Are you positive about that, are you at the scene of the incident, do you know the full story of the event?

Inherently dangerous- Are you a genealogist now? Last checked these dogs have had their aggressive trait bred out throughout the 100+ years they were on this earth. The ones you have to watch for are those who are bred through dog fighters.

They don't feel pain- So your saying, they don't whine or whimper when their hurt? That is funny to hear people say this, when we own this type of dog, and they do feel pain, they just PUSH themselves through it, to please their owners, and when they can no longer push through it, they whine, yelp, and whimper. That is them crying in pain.

Then we have people who do not understand what BSL is, and no we are not talking about the army codes.

Breed Specific Legislation- “Breed-specific” legislation (BSL) is the blanket term for laws that either regulate or ban certain breeds completely in the hopes of reducing dog attacks. Some city/municipal governments have enacted breed-specific laws. However, the problem of dangerous dogs will not be remedied by the “quick fix” of breed-specific laws—or, as they should truly be called, breed-discriminatory laws.

Bsl- has done more than ban dogs, they have killed, ripped families apart and punished the responsible good owners. Bsl is more than just about spay/neutering these dogs, Bsl is for a total annihilation of these breeds that are on their list. As the site has stated dogs go into hiding and can lead to irresponsible people owning these breeds, which is proven to be fact- case in point Dog fighters tend to go for this breed of dog. When they go in hiding then we have a problem.

Look up the DENVER BSL act and find out the truth about this issue, trust me you will not be happy with the results you find.

Craigslist- People use craigslist to get their dogs, cats and other animals adopted out. Yet they place ads that state free to good home or less than $100, this is prime hunting ground for Dog fighters, abusers and killers, and laboratories. Just look it up there are tons of news articles about craigslist.

Shelters- are over packed with Pit bulls and Chihuahuas being the 2nd breed. Shelters that are a No kill, euthanize these dogs everyday to make room for new intakes this is a fact. they give these dogs less than a week to be adopted out. They do not network most of these dogs and people do not realize that they can find a great dog at a shelter, but continue to shop at Pet stores. Look instead of going to a pet store go to a Shelter, they have all sorts of dogs there even purebreds if that is what you're into.

PETA- My personal dealings with them, and yes I am going to speak out about this. I called and emailed to PETA about certain dogs in the IL area being starved and mistreated they told me to contact the local ACO, I did and the ACO did nothing, didn't even take the dogs away. Aco then proceeded to tell me to contact PETA, once again I did, and PETA stated they will not do anything, they do not deal with this certain situation. Last I checked PETA stood for: People for the ethical treatment of Animals. And have had taken in cats and dogs before. Why the change?
Turns out PETA isn't all it's cracked up to be. And the dogs in question, passed away because no one would step up and help these dogs.

THANKS IL ACO AND PETA, you guys are brilliant! (sarcasm) 

Now onto our fellow advocates- Please remember we are making a statement and we really should not applaud the following- Bodily harm to another individual, even though some might deserve such treatment. - Advocating for killing another human being, even though we are angered by the news we received and even though maybe, in some cases those people shouldn't have existed. Every statement we make is watched and read by many, we must control our anger or it could be used against us.
We are for PRO-LIFE, pro- life means humans as well as animals, we must remember this. Not all humans are bad even though the bad ones are making it very hard to stand with the human race on some issues.

The more we learn, the more we question Humanity and the simple things of life. The more we learn, the more we appreciate our companions and animals.

We are their voice and we must remember this. Without our voice they will continue to be unheard.

Be a Voice.
Be active.
Be Strong.
Be open to possibilities.

Be The Better Person.


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