Sunday, March 10, 2013

PitBulls Breaking The Bad Rap

Pitbulls in the media, usually don't come with a great heading, as we all know it is usually led by the words Attacked, Mauled, Killed. Yet how true are these statements when, recent news shows that about 80% of people can't tell the difference between an "Actual" Pitbull and a Dogo Argentino.

Bad Media- The Evil Informants of News, broadcasting stations, and online Articles, bringing to you the latest stories that are based on fiction rather than fact. Those media type personalities who want you to believe it was a Pitbull attack rather than another breed. They show you no photographic or video evidence of the Pitbull being aggressive. What they show is a submissive pitbull type dog coming out of the house, scared beyond belief, with it's tail between it's legs. 

That's submissive, that is not aggression. Truthfully that type of media only cares about ratings. So how does one tell the difference between the media? Quite simple enough, if you want the real news go to those who deal with ANIMAL NEWS, and not the ones who only report for ratings. Animal News can usually be found on the Animal Planet, Examiner, Discovery Channel and Dog Heirs. Trusted sites and News Stations who do their footwork in bringing you the facts.

Pit bulls aren't the problem as I have always stated, it is the irresponsibility of the owners and their lack of training these poor dogs.

Pit bulls weren't bred for fighting, they were bred for gameness, which can mean any of the following:
Sports- weight pulling, high jump, diving.
Working- Military,Law Enforcement

Stamina, Strength, Intellect Doesn't mean bred for fighting, and usually those who say they were bred for fighting are those who HATE these dogs or never had these dogs and are going by the Typical Media Slander.

Truthfully these dogs were bred for Hunting, Wild Boar and Bull hunting, because of their determination and toughness they would go to the extremes just to bring the boar and bulls down. Maybe if people actually boned up on their dog breeds they would know this.

Then came the Dogo Argentino which has been strictly made for hunting the wild boar and bigger prey. Which left the Pit type dog able to do what their owners had left for them to do. Therapy, Military, Farm pulling heavy items, Law Enforcement.

And unfortunately there are evil owners out there using/forcing these dogs to fight to make money. Dog fighting is a $40 - $50 million dollar illegal in the USA business. Spain and parts of the eastern area still allow it.

Dog fighters- The Scum Of The earth, who steal dogs right out from your backyards, or mug you and steal the dogs, or Search Craigslist for FREE TO GOOD HOME or low priced dogs. They have also been known to use EbayClassifieds  they even advertise their wrong doing on social media networks. They use these stolen or low priced dogs as BAIT or Fighting dogs. They use rape stands, because of the fact that there dogs are animal aggressive, mating their dogs normally would lead them to fight.

These idiots are the reason that shelters are overrun with Pit bulls  these idiots are the cause of the bad rap in the media. because when people get these dogs from these shady dog fighters, people don't realize the conditioning training these dogs have had. That is why it is never wise to buy from a breeder that isn't licensed. Because they might be Dog Fighters trying to make a profit.

How do we tell if these people are dog fighters, More then three Pit bull dog is at their property, homemade treadmills  chained up out side far apart from each other  showing aggression toward another animal. Drugs or Gang related area. The dogs have scars, or wounds.

Reporting such things like this should be simple, yet sometimes it isn't without enough evidence. This is were the Anti Dogfighting Campaign comes in. Report it to them if you think someone is suspected of Dog-fighting  share every bit of information, in a private message and they will look into it.

Be These Breeds Voice, Take A Stand and Speak Up. Ignoring the problem won't make it go away. Taking action and doing something will help end these Dog Fighters and the bad rap these breeds get.

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