Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Public Announcement- Are these your pictures?

Would The True Owners Of These Pictures Please Come Forward!

 Is this your Picture ^ ?

 Is this your dog? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>^

Is this your Dog ^?

If these are your dogs and your picture you should know a Woman Named Diana Peters is using them on her page to scam people. Please be aware this woman is a scam artist, and doesn't help dogs in her care (if any are in her care). Dogs have been known to die because she turns away free antibiotics that the VET has called in for. She has also been known to self VET, which led to dogs dying. She is black listed from MDAS & BAC, she cannot pull from them.

Again if these are your pictures it is wise to report them as stolen property.


^That is the link to where the Pictures can be found.^

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