Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Hell I Have Been Through- I Will Not Be Silenced!

I want my supporters and followers to know that with the recent events that had happened a couple of days ago, will not stop me from speaking my mind about these issues out there.

For those who do not know what happened a couple of days ago I will state it here. My old account was compromised.. Blogs that had information on it pertaining to certain people- Pit Haters,Abusers and Scammers has been deleted by the person(s) who compromised my old account. They also took over my Facebook account, sent death threats to my fellow advocates, then deactivated it. Am I concerned? Yes I am, however, I reported all of this to my friends at the police station, and they have been monitoring the situation. They have found the person(s) IP address and will be sending it to their local authorities...

I have taken extra precaution to make sure this doesn't happen again, bought 3 security programs, have my accounts watched, no one can access my account from another computer or new browser.

Everything I post on my personal account will no longer be made public, it will be made to friends only (close friends and my advocate/activist list).

Voices For The Breeds Page will be heavily monitored by my two assistants, call it  Damage Control, of certain issues that may appear.

It's obvious that I have Made serious enemies in this fight to end BSL and Breed discrimination along with Busting Animal Abusers/Scammers.

Well, Like I always say, if I made enemies than Obviously I have done something right to warrant that type of attention, Crimes of animal abuse/Scammers and so on should always been known to the public so they can be warned not to deal with "Shady" people.

If you are wondering will I be re-posting information about people who are Shady and otherwise animal abusers. Yes, in the next couple of days there will be recaps and re-posts with updated information on these people.

Check Often.

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