Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pit Haters The Usual Suspects

The Usual Pit Hater Crowd Up To Their Old Tactics once again. (Big Eff'ing Sigh).
The Comments Below are from this Article - Do Pits Deserve a bad rap (Fox News)

Jon Felosi- Known Criminal-  a known drug addict, a rip-off artist in the Secure Server Tech Business, He says he doesn't work there anymore, Trust me he still does and he rips people off, just Google His Name... Now he is known for his Pit Hating antics. PUBLIC FORUM posts, are allowed to be shared, DEAL WITH IT.

Quite Frankly Jon, you are an idiot. That Meth isn't good for you. You should seek help and fast. You say that pit advocates state that Pits are blank slates, Funny I have yet to see any of my Pit advocates say anything like that. Where exactly is your information coming from? No wait I know, from Colleen Lynn only she would have the brains for this type of comment. (or lack thereof) There is no such thing as Genetics? That's hilarious, if there wasn't "Genetics" we wouldn't have dogs, and by the way it's called EUGENICS you idiot. Look it up and school yourself for once, or are you that brain damaged?  

Definition of EUGENICS : a science that deals with the improvement (as by control of human/animal mating) of hereditary qualities of a race or breed
First Known Use of EUGENICS 1883 By Francis Galton.

Should I dumb it down for you? Scientist mess with the genes to create a breed or race, meaning they improved and spliced dogs genes making their AGGRESSIVE trait less DOMINANT. Understand yet?

When pits are aggressive it is do to training by DOG FIGHTERS, the conditioning and extreme training they do to these dogs brings out the AGGRESSIVENESS in them. PITS are not Human aggressive unless TRAINED, but PITS can be DOG AGGRESSIVE. Due to the DOG FIGHTERS, it has everything to do with TRAINING and SOCIALIZING. Your biased mindless drivel is invalid. Please TRY AGAIN. This time use your own personal EXPERIENCES and NOT Colleen Lynn's RANTS. No creature or human is a blank slate, all life has a genetic coding to learn a skill or improve their potential. LEARN equals TRAINING.

Last Time I Checked Mr. Felosi you were not a Geneticist or a Dog Expert. Each Dog Is different in their own UNIQUE way, they all have their own PERSONALITIES just like HUMANS.

(SIGH) Not all americans are like JON, yet all pit haters are, since they get everything FROM COLLEEN LYNN. Just saying, please do not get Americans involved with this Stupidity, a lot of AMERICANS are fighting against this travesty called PIT HATERS, who rant and rage over the Net about how a VOICELESS animal Attacks without provocation. Geno has one thing right Animals are like a canvas not a blank canvas though But a Canvas that needs work. TRAINING once again falls into the category  ALL dogs are an extension of their OWNERS. Train and socialize your dog correctly and you will have a VERY LOVING non aggressive dog.

Nanny Dog is not a myth by the way, yet the first dog wasn't a PIT BULL, it was a STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER and a SAINT BERNARD. The first Nanny dog in history was not in 1971 good try though Jon, I saw those blogs of yours, it's pathetic. First NANNY DOGS were in the 17 to 1800's.

I don't even know why you Anti Pit Pricks even care what kind of dogs OTHER PEOPLE own in their HOUSEHOLD. It's in their HOUSEHOLD not yours, if you don't like the dog Cross the street, AVOID those people. Don't Verbally or Physically ATTACK the person or the dog. We don't tell you how to RUN your METH head filled life, don't tell us what to do.

So taking statistics back from 2010 makes you right? You do realize no link to those articles, makes you look like a fool for copying and pasting from a Pit haters blog that gained all their news/statistics from Colleen Lynn. ONCE AGAIN she is not a DOG EXPERT nor a geneticist. Yet you idiots keep copying and pasting from her site. Did you know Dr. A H not using full name for privacy purposes. Threw out their Statistics BECAUSE they were FLAWED. And Colleen Lynn just reposted them, that is all, she didn't even GIVE CREDIT or a LINK to the ORIGINAL source. No she just linked it to her Bullshit Site Dogsbite.org and her PR.COM hers not anyone elses. Again Colleen Lynn is not a DOG EXPERT.
What does that say in the BEGINNING of that PARAGRAPH? Dog Bite Victims' GROUP, Where on god's green earth does it say she is a DOG EXPERT? Her research is based on BIASED news reports, that hold FALSE information. She is a Vile woman, seeking to destroy any dog, any breed, that has even done a first time biting offense. She is HORRID. Bottom Line not the type of person you want to get YOUR DOG FACTS FROM.
Harve, Harve, Harve!..... Still drinking the stupid aren't we? Which side are you actually on my frenemy? The Pro Advocates or the Haters? You confuse me sometimes with all the facts and tools out there to research information on the Pit type dogs you chose to go this route? Linking to that blog, you're hilarious, that guy is not a dog expert, he takes what the Dog experts state and turns it around in his cynical posts. I mean for heaven's sake, HARVE, he links to Craven desires, a nut ball ranting loon who has nothing better to do but SURF the web looking for PIT advocates Blogs and writing negative insane, incoherent posts. And again wasn't the 1980's was more along the lines mid 17 to 1800s only some photos have been clarified from that time period.

This breed is not unpredictable, they show signs, yes I am going to say it. LIKE ANY OTHER dog out there, they show signs. If you can't identify these signs, then you shouldn't own a dog, or You should get TRAINING in the dog body language. Again they were not bred selectively for that "explosiveness" that you non dog experts like to state.

They were bred for HUNTING AND WORKING, WHICH led them to be a valuable asset in the PIT area of the RATTING GAMES. Look it up in a book would you! Stop getting all your statistics and information off the freaking internet, there is such a thing called BOOKS and REAL LIFE PEOPLE who have been EDUCATED in the behavior of DOGS.

Stop blaming this voiceless animal for what SICK TWISTED DISTURBED people have TRAINED THEM to do. Get off the computer for once and actually go out and speak to People in the real world who know the TRUTH, go to your library or BARNES AND NOBLES and READ A BOOK.

Enough Said...


  1. Harve isn't Harve's real name and Harve is a woman so I have heard. Any truth to that?

  2. Harve's real name is patricia dunaway. Sorry it took so long to respond we no longer check this blog. we are at AnonOccupyTruth.wordpress.com