Monday, April 22, 2013

Against CISPA

CISPA- Is in violation of the 4th amendment, unreasonable search and seizure without warrant or probable cause... CISPA- Also enables social media networks, such as Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook to give out individuals passwords, even if they aren't from some type of business.

Big Companies are for CISPA, However I am going to point something out to them.

You are not safe either, your rights will be violated, nothing will be safe from the government, they can search your homes without warrants or probable cause, they can access your bank accounts, your computer, your emails and so on. Do you think this is right for them to do? I pray you have nothing to hide, than otherwise they will know everything about your life, your job, your cover ups. They will know who you talk to, who you email, and where you go. They will know what you eat and who you are sleeping with.

Do you still think they have the right to invade our personal life like this?

Although I can see this as something good for our side. Since Obama is hiding things from us, I guess that means we have the right to ask for his Birth Certificate, bank accounts, where he was born, where he goes, what he eats etc. I guess we the people have the right to INVADE his Personal Life, like he's invading ours if he doesn't VETO that bill. I guess we have the right to know what the FBI, CIA, NASA, and even AREA 51 is doing, don't we? 

If you are going to intrude on our privacy rights, then we want the truth about everything that THE GOVERNMENT has hidden from us.

Yet that won't happen now will it? The Government is allowed to know everything about us, yet we aren't allowed to know about them... Doesn't seem fair does it?

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't our ancestors leave, because of the government trying to control our rights? Didn't our soldiers fight for our right to have FREEDOM from tyranny and terroristic threats?

I assure you I am no 14 year old with a twitter account, since the some companies and government think that is all we are to them. I am a red blooded american, Born and Raised and honor my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

Right to bare arms, Right to free speech without slander, libelous, or civil claims, Right to Privacy, Right to have taxation with representation, Rights to do what I want as long as it is within the legal limits. 

I have these rights, my future generations have these rights, THE PEOPLE OF THE U.S.A have these rights. Taking away these rights will lead to a REBELLION, another CIVIL WAR. States will push for the seceders.

If we want CISPA to stop, we NEED to band together and fight this as a whole, as one. Call your government officials, tell them you will not stand for this violation. Yet be civil about this issue, make a point/fact argument with them. Be persistent Be vigilant, Be the voice of legitimate change.


This has been a pre-schedule post the owners and admins of this blog are offline in support of CISPA. Voices For The Breeds and Animal Rights Advocates will be back up and running on the 23 of April, please share this post far and wide if you agree with what has been stated here. 

Thank you for your patients and understanding.

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