Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We're Back

Good Morning, Afternoon, and Evening everyone. We are back and ready to fight the injustices in the animal and peoples rights movement. We are ready again to Fight the BSL, the animal abusers, the fraudulent people. We are here and we are not going anywhere.

Even if CISPA passes we will never back down. Because animals need our voice, our protection and our hearts. As we continue to advocate we have begun to notice that many people have lost respect and support for Voices for the breeds, because we have switched our attention on to CISPA, and other area's of interest.

We are advocates/activists, for people, and animals. Our Interests will be wide spread, no matter what the issues is. We will support those who are legit, innocent, and voiceless. We support Anonymous, the real A.L.F and the Anti Dog-fighting campaign.

We will always bring truth, facts and petitions to our page. We will always share legit news stories, articles, and Pictures.

For those who look away, we have something to say about that.

Looking away, why? Because you can't handle it, because it makes your stomach turn, you hate seeing this animal abuse, you can't deal with it, it makes you sad.

How do you think the animals feel? 

They can't speak for themselves, turning away doesn't help the issue go away. Un-liking a page because it shares truth, doesn't make the problem go away. All of us who advocate or use our actions (Activists) feel the same way you do, however, we push past those feelings and continue to peacefully protest. All life matters, Human animal and or foreign.

Sharing, signing, vocalizing and acting helps these innocents in more ways than one. It helps them find homes, it helps them become free from cages, it helps them have support, It helps them by saving their lives.

All life should be respected and cherished.
Those who abuse, scam, and are illegitimate breeders and are BSL or for it, need to be put to a stop. 

We must all take a stand, we must support one another in this battle for human and animal rights. Because only then will we make a difference if we stand united.


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