Saturday, April 6, 2013

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Welcome to hell, someone once said to me. I did not know what she meant until it started to happen. People coming to us and harassing us about what we preach, leaving nasty little comments, and yes even damning our page and blog. There is enough Hatred to last a lifetime, Enough ridicule to last past that lifetime. How do we continue to go on, if this is happening? we simply hit that ban and ignore button. Words are just words, unless action is taken.

Simply put if you do not like what you see, of our blog or page. Then continue on your merry way. Ignore what we are doing, be the bigger person sort to speak, And let us do our job of warning people about, Your type of people, which happens to be TROLL and or ANIMAL ABUSER.

Quite Frankly we don't give a care what happened in your past, unless you continue to do it in the here and now. Quite Frankly if you get caught posting something that is Vile, and or attacking other Advocates/Rescues/Activists then you are no friend of ours.

Our placement here, is to help the LEGIT Advocates, Rescues, and Activist have some type of defense. Yes we help them, if they have solid proof of said harassment. Someone said we claimed to be a PI, to be a PI we would need a license here in the states we Live in.

What we have said, and when I say we I mean my team and I. We have said that we work closely with those who are ex-law enforcement and or are still in law enforcement. Closely meaning we give them tips, and information with what we get in return is clarification on certain individuals, who have or have not broken the law. Many years we have been doing this, and many years there were occasional misconceptions about others, however we have always apologized for when we were wrong. However when the proof is there and people become blind to it, then attack us for what we know, we will not apologize neither will we divulge a majority of information found, due to the sensitivity of certain issues. 

Not publicly in the sense, that is why we have email, for people to ask questions, for people who want the proof. Yet you will get no names of those who have contacted us, sorry, yet no. It is for their safety purposes that we keep their names out of the light. The reason being is because there is a certain issue that we all face, and that is the danger we face when we bust those who have done wrong. We would like to keep them as far away from us and our contacts as possible. When Online harassment and stalking become full blown physical then we have a problem, don't we? It has been known to happen, and we for one would like that not to happen to our informants and or us.

With recent issues happening there seems to be a lot of argument on both ends. We were asked to keep quite for now, until things calm down and everything is over. We will respect those wishes, because we do not want anymore Drama or Accusations coming our way.

To those who have been leaving some foul emails with our response team, I will personally answer all question here and now, even the nice questions that deserve an answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What credentials do you have?

Depends on the credentials you are speaking of, and yes I removed your cuss words, Mr. Anon. When it comes to advocating I am well known, have been doing it for 15+ years, my credentials when it comes to law, is 4 years in law school, then dropped out due to family issues, but kept studying at the local Library and soon I will be taking my BAR exam.

Q 2. Where in Texas do you live?

Sorry can't answer that, due to safety reasons.

Q 3. Are you a rescue?

No, I am not a rescue, I am an Advocate and Activist. I do however VOLUNTEER from time to time at my Local ACO and Shelters.

Q 4. How did you obtain your Dog Training abilities and are you a Dog Trainer?

From Volunteering at the local shelters, it is required to be taught dog body language at some shelters, I am not sure if all shelters do it. I also picked up some of the lessons on my own from Books.

No, I do not consider myself to be a dog trainer, However I will give some tips, tricks and always advise to seek a professional dog trainer out.

Q 5. How many dogs do you own?

I own 3 two males, and a rambunctious female. All three rescued off the streets, and very spoiled :)

Q 6. How many people write in your blog and admin your page?

4 admin/monitor/post on our page, 2 write in this blog and 1 tries to edit the best to their abilities.

Q 7. Heard you all were taking a week off, is this true?

No, only one of us is taking a week off due to several meetings of animal concerns and because their spouse has a weeks Vacation.

Q 8. (Foul Question) Where the .... Do you get off posting about these people?

Which people are you referring too? I have posted about a lot of people and where I get off at posting, is a RIGHT of FREE SPEECH to WARN OTHERS about SCAMMERS & ABUSERS. Or DNA'S DNR'S, DNT'S, DNF.
(Do not adopt, Do not use rescue, Do not use Transporter, and do not use fosters)
The information obtain is from those who have had personal experiences, that have proof that are willing and have the courage to share with us, and want their name kept private.

Q 9. Do you listen to Gossip and Take it seriously?

No, we do not, yet we do look into it to see if any of that so called "Gossip" Rumors and or Hoaxes are Real, by going straight to the source.

Q 10. Do you help admin or own other pages, like the Inside the Sick minds of the Anti Pit bull advocates?

No, I do not own or admin that page. Yet I do think they do fantastic work, and do not need my help in posting facts about those "Trolls".

I do admin two other pages, LFA- Pets and Animal Rights Advocates.

Q 11. Why do you only share half of the information you receive?

Safety purposes, some of the information tends to lead back to our informants. And we would like to keep them safe. IE. might have their name or picture in the snap shot and or messages with the Perpetrator. Meaning they might of worked or have rescued for them at one time, have wised up to that persons crimes and left them. They would like nothing else to do with them, other than sharing the information with us and moving on.(However if we can, we will white out names for safety)

Q 12. Why do people report to you and not the authorities?

Some People are afraid because they have been threaten by the person that they are reporting on.

For anymore questions do not hesitate to email us, however, PLEASE NO FOULNESS. or

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