Tuesday, April 9, 2013

BSL- Why It's A BS Law

BSL other wise known as breed specific legislation, enacts the government type officials of your state to dictate, make laws to were you cannot own a "specific" type of "breed".

It affects all breeds, not just Pit type breeds, but all. 1970's the BSL was targeting, Dobermans, Due to the population increase with that breed. The 1970's, the Dobermans were a popular dog, because of what? The Movies portraying these dogs as Guard dogs, hero's, good with kids and so on. Dobermans were in such a high demand that the Legit Breeders couldn't keep up, which led to the irresponsible backyard breeders. Which yes, caused a Doberman Population Boom and led to the Irresponsible owners, which led to "dog attacks". BSL stepped in, told people they couldn't own this dog, enacted the spay and neuter program, were it nearly diminished the breeds existence all together.

Then came the dog advocates and activists speaking up on behalf of the breeds. Where BSL was defeated in their actions to wipe out an innocent breed.
However there was a law that passed were only the legit breeders could breed this dog, All breeders must have a license in order to be a legal breeder.
More information on the dobermans can be found here:

The same issue with other dog breeds took place in the 80s and the 90s. And now it is hitting the Pit type breed.

Although I agree with the spay and neuter program to a POINT. There will always have to be the legit breeders that are licensed to breed, to continue on the existence of these breeds.

The reason I say BSL is a bullshit law, is simple. BSL crucifies even the responsible owners by making the states, and most of the UK, CA, AU areas in having the breed banned. Telling and practically forcing people to give up their fur kids or forcing them to move, and or forcing them to see their dogs RIPPED from the homes and put to death, just because of their breed.

The Pit type breeds has been around for 100+ years and have been doing fine without our meddling, yes, I am going to say it. Humans have meddled in the genetic's department of animals too many times. And because of that, we are left with sometimes, a mess of our own creation.

Pit type dogs were not bred for fighting but for HERDING, it is proven fact that they were a HERDING dog first before anything else. So why now, why the big boom population of the Pit Type Dogs?

They have been known to be the most intelligent, easy to train, most loyal to their human, eager to please, willing to do anything for their human. Dog fighters find these traits to be helpful when training these breeds to be aggressive toward another dog.

Dog Fighter Breeders, are the main cause for this breed to be overpopulating areas. They breed the winners of the fights, and kill any of the dogs that show human aggression. Breeding the winning dogs in their eyes and their statements, 
"Making the bloodline pure and strong for a next championship dog"

When these dog fights are busted, the dogs wind up in a shelter which causes the shelter to be overwhelmed and over packed leading to the Euthanasia. So I don't want to freaking hear or see another post about, Over packed shelters being a MYTH. It is fact, that shelters can become over packed.

But I am getting way off base here. The reason BSL is bullshit, is because they would have you believe that these dogs are born evil, born aggressive and born to kill. This is not true, it is false. Dogs are not bred or born this way, they are TAUGHT and TRAINED to be like this.

BSL is bullshit because, they tear families apart, they rip the dogs from homes, they put these dogs to death. BSL want's to eliminate/ wipe out the breed from existence...

Pit Bulls aren't the only ones on this BSL list. Boxers, Newfoundlands, Dogo's, Mastiff's, bulldogs, and many more, are on this list. Even a small dog like the PUG is on this list.

BSL is bullshit, because they judge a dog by looks and breed, they judge based on past history, instead of what the dog has accomplished in the present day.

If you think BSL will stop at the Pit Bull Type Dogs, YOU are sadly mistaken, which ever breed becomes popular next, that will be their NEXT TARGET to eliminate. That is basically what BSL is, they are A genocide movement, destroying dogs that become the next "popular" loved breed.

So for the majority of DOG OWNERS out there who sit there and say, BSL will not affect me, you better think again and do some research on how many breeds they have targeted in all the 50+ years they have been around.

Targets of the bsl:
German Shepherds
Pit Bulls
Dogo Argentino's
Irish Wolf-hound
and many many more....

It is time for all dog owners to step up and join this fight to END BSL, for the fact that you can and probably will have your dog breed targeted next. Take a stand and help us fight to end BSL. 

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