Thursday, May 23, 2013


Abby Leonard AKA Diana Peters ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Who in the world are you trying to convince? Stop posting on our Voices For The Breeds Page, Stop harassing us, Stop spreading lies, Stop slandering and stating libel information.

Dog Rescues The Good The Bad and The Ugly of south florida, has rescued more dogs than you could ever possibly fathom. Should I give you recent examples? TOBY AND LUCY which you are still trying to collect donations on, YOU DO NOT HAVE THEM!

We see hundreds of dogs/puppies/cats/kittens and other animals die each day because of Scam Organizations like yours. You are the one who is killing these animals by collecting Money and NOT pulling the dogs or cats etc from these Shelters, When you were able to PULL that is. Now you are BANNED from MDAS, BAC, and other shelters in your area, for what you have done. Not anyone else, BUT YOU what YOU DID.

You claimed you would pull a dog from the GA shelter and that dog later DIED when YOU didn't pull him. 
(Did we mention this dog was a PIT BULL, and Diana HATES pit bulls)

You are not 501C3 Verified, You are collecting Donations yet USING IT for YOUR own personal GAIN. You refused to obtain FREE medication that a VET prescribed for you, for one of the dogs in your Possession.
What does that say? ^ Publix will give you Amoxicillin for FREE. You have been constantly caught in lies, constantly caught in slanderous and libel statements, have constantly threaten Darcy, Joe, and Sherrie, and for what? To get others to believe that you are the VICTIM?

The only Victims here are the animals that are in your possession. Since you do not take them to the vets, or give them medication that has been offered to you. You self vet them with "Human type medicines" that wind up killing the animals. Not all human type medications can be giving to animals, a majority of them can kill.

You are not a responsible person. You are a drunkard, a fraud, a con artist. A 60 sum year old woman who refuses to stop living off of other peoples donations, you refuse to get a job, you refuse to find these dogs a home. You know you can't afford these animals why are you still keeping them? Because you are an Animal Hoarder, first step is to admitting this, Second step is to getting help, and there are plenty of NO-KILL Rescues in FLORIDA. You just refuse to ask for that help.

Than We have the SUPPOSED RESCUE RANCH: (2239 is across the st from her This is her house)

Where are those Kennel Area's you were speaking of? Where do these dogs stay? How do you prevent them from leaving your Property? I see no gate, they could easily escape. Anyone with a BRAIN could look up the address you keep giving to see that this is far from a "RESCUE RANCH".

And for those who keep sticking up for you, I hope you are all happy with yourselves. You are contributing to someone who doesn't give a rats ass about any animal in her possession, all she cares about is MONEY.

And to answer your question DIANA about how many animals WE have PERSONALLY saved. Over 200+, yet we work with Local Rescues to find these animals homes, we only keep them until they find the proper home. We have rescued 3 dogs literally off the streets that we now own, and guess what, ONE OF THEM IS A STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER, you know the ones classified as a "PIT BULL". The other two, One is a Lurcher one is a Aussie Shep/Pit/Wolf mix. We also rescued CATS!

We don't judge any animal based on appearance or their reputation that they have received from irresponsible people, unlike you, we don't ask for donations, BECAUSE WE WORK for a living or are willing to go in the NEGATIVE for these animals.

And when I say we, I am meaning my team! Which unlike you is not people with aliases. Which you have what, 13 or more now?

Grow up Diana, and take some responsibility for your actions.

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