Wednesday, May 22, 2013

RadioNOW 100.9 - Public Call Out

Many dog owners are fuming after a radio show went on air to make a "prank call" to an unknowing citizen. Although some prank calls are hilarious, this one in particular was offensive. Voices For The Breeds and Anti Dogfighting Campaign have tried with great patience, to obtain a public apology.

Yet it seems as though they refuse to do the right thing, by making that apology. On top of not making that public apology they have removed several comments asking for the public apology. These comments included facts and truths about the bully breeds and pit fighting.

One in particular comment they have removed from their facebook page, was the one from the founder of the Anti-Dogfighting campaign.

Patricia Miles:
How could people who should be promoting an awareness of a very serious 
issue as dog fighting make a "prank" about it. I am the founder of the 
The Anti-DogFighting Campaign and we devote our lives to fighting 
against these issues and to hear that you would prank about such issues 
is sick. Maybe you should go on an investigation with us and see what 
it's like to have to save one or more of these victims from these 
places. Look in their faces and hear their pain and look at their scars
that they have to live with the rest of their lives. This is NOT a 
joking matter nor should it EVER be a "prank". It's people like you who
help these fighters continue on their torture of these animals. 
Carmen, you should publicly apologize for doing a prank like this. 
My campaign is a worldwide campaign and I see this issue from one end 
of the crazy earth to the other. When I have to rescue these animals 
from their torture, and listen to their cries because the wounds are so 
overwhelming, and to see the forgiveness they try to have at the time they are 
rescued by a wag of the tail, all the rehab they have to have and 
medical care for all the injuries,....and to see it on a daily 
basis...yes I do take offense to things like this and I do take a stand 
against anyone who would think that something like this is to joke 
about. So I do hope that they understand the views from the 
Anti-DogFighting Campaign as well. We will always do all we have to do 
to protect these animals at all costs.
Tell the VICTIMS that dog fighting is something to joke/prank about. Rather
than joking and pranking about horrendous issues of dog fighting...try 
supporting those of us who battle the issue daily and promote awareness 
that this issue is out there and encourage people to report dog 
fighting. Support the Anti-DogFighting Campaign...Be A "POSITIVE" Voice
For The Victims.

They also removed Voices For The Breeds comment as well.

The Kyle & Rachel in the morning Radio show is where this all took place. With a woman named "Carmen" doing the prank calls.

Not only did this radio show add onto the bad rap of the bully breeds, yet it also made all possible dog owners look like a fool, or should I say irresponsible. Carmen was stereotyping while she made the prank phone call and obviously the victim of this prank call wasn't too happy about this situation either.

There is also another factor, people that follow this radio show seem to be desensitized by the reality of this horrible situation.

As I have stated before all dog owners not just bully breed owners are fuming at the Prank Call Radio show. Abuse is never a laughing matter, neither is dogfighting.

Lighten, ease up? We refuse too, because this has become a serious matter. We see this abuse everyday, we work on cases with the HSUS to fight against Dogfighting. We work with authorities to lock these dog fighters up. We speak with truth and facts to defend our bully breeds and all dogs. This stereotypical media persona's can do so much damage when they make shows like the one Kyle & Rachel has done.

All of us will stand united against RadioNow 100.9 until they make a public apology or we will do it the hard way, and make a petition to have them publicly apologize and remove the person who is either Carmen or Carmen herself.

Continue to comment on their page:
Be part of the voices for victims, stand up for what you believe in and for what we are fighting for.

We will not be silent, we will become louder, we do not forgive those who would cause harm. We will be there when we are needed.

A petition will be started soon if this continues. And it will be linked on the Voices for the breeds Facebook page as well as here.

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