Saturday, May 25, 2013

Why Compromises Are Needed

I think throughout all the years of fighting BSL, we forgot how to compromise and forgot how our dogs are really in danger. Some wish for no compromises yet forget how difficult it is to convince people in government seats.

As per say what happened in Westwego with Villa and Green, they came to a compromise and people have been twisting Villa's words. People really do not understand how debates, arguments and compromises work then, now do they?

Do people not understand, if there wasn't a compromise the BSL would have passed, All Pit bull owners would of had to give up their dog. How is that fair to them? Why would you not support Villa, a PIT BULL RESCUE. She doesn't support BSL, she had to do what she had to do. And Instead of blatantly taken sides instead of ASKING what was said in the meeting between Villa and Green, people automatically jumped on board the HATE wagon once again.

Villa has done more good than anyone could possibly imagine, I think it's time to take a step back and look at all the options and look at what she was really trying to do.

I'm not taken sides, I don't support BSL, but I do understand that these compromises will be difficult for many. Since many cannot afford "Insurance" and many Insurance companies refuse to cover Pit type dogs.

Yet take it into consideration, that there are other options when it comes to insurance, such as the 24PetWatch, who offers insurance to Pit Type Dog owners.

Truthfully all dog owners should have insurance for their dogs, in case of an accident.

Compromises are needed, if we want to win against BSL. And no making compromises doesn't mean defeat, doesn't mean that they will take a yard or inch against us Anti-BSL advocates, it means we are all going in the right direction.

As I have stated before, nothing has been set in motion yet. Nothing will be set in motion until everything has been voted upon. Do I think there should have been other options in this compromise, Yes, as do we all.

Will I stand behind people who protest against Villa, No I will not and neither will my team.

One must understand without compromises, dog owners automatically volunteer their dogs to the BSL. Dog owners who don't compromise are willing to see their dogs taken away, put in a shelter and straight to needle. Compromises are what get us to keep our DOGS, our FAMILY.

And if advocates and dog owners can't see between that grey line, then we are truly without hope of ever winning against BSL.

Now On the other hand here is what Villa Had to say:
IN REGARDS TO THE WESTWEGO PIT BULL ORDINANCE - This is in part, the email that we sent to Councilman Glenn Green. As you can plainly see, there is nothing here that says we support BSL. What so many are doing is twisting my words of "showing support" as in we were supportive of the fact that he removed the BAN ordinance and was willing to meet halfway with rules such as spay/neuter, etc. providing it applied to all dogs. Again, in part this is the email that was sent......

If this ordinance is specifically for the Pit Bull breed, then the "bad guys" will get rid of their dogs to avoid any fines, violations and trouble from the law. They will then move on to a different breed. Right now the next most popular breed is the Cane Corso Mastiff. We're seeing ALOT of them in the area now. They're quickly becoming the next breed of choice for these "bad guys". So what then? We will have to create a Mastiff Ordinance? Or a Rottweiler Ordinance? And the list goes on. So what I propose is you put forth what Los Angeles did. and that's create these rules for all dogs. Why single out one breed? Why not make it safe for all dog owners and their dogs and the neighbors, etc? There is no reason that ANY dog should have to live on a chain or remain un-altered to create more unwanted puppies. Why not make it so that these ordinances come into effect so that animal control and law enforcement and rescuers have some leverage against owners who treat their dogs horribly?

So I'm sure you're getting bombarded with all sorts of ideas but I want to assure you that we are a group of level headed people that are here to assist you with anything you need to help create a safe and happy environment for the people of Westwego and their dogs.

Tia Maria Torres

Now where on earth does it say they support BSL? 

Getting Green to accept that there be an ALL DOG law is somehow supporting BSL? Getting your pets spayed and neutered is supporting BSL? Far as I knew it was a responsible thing to do to get your dog of any breed spayed and neutered if you were not a registered breeder. Far as I knew obtaining insurance for all dog breeds was also responsible dog ownership. Yet for some reason someone has to TWIST WORDS in order to make it look bad.

Keep thinking with this mentality and all dog owners will wind up without any pets,companions and family. I agree with these laws because it is not targeting a SPECIFIC breed, it is an "ALL DOG LAW" and it supports "RESPONSIBLE OWNERSHIP".

If people aren't for "Responsible Ownership", than what does that say for us as advocates? We're doomed to lose our pets.

Next time ASK before ATTACKING.

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