Friday, May 31, 2013

Funny Things - SDS

This is hilarious to say the least; apparently, we made threats to someone named Eve. Sorry, yet, we are not listening to you. Saying we have a special surprise is not a threat, far from it. Special surprise could mean a guest appearance, on your page, having a decent conversation with you. However since you did this little stunt, we changed our minds.

Eve Founder of Safe Dog Society (Safe Douche Society) and “Summers Eve” (Summers Shit) has delusions of grandeur.
Oh please, reporting us for making this statement does what now? Eve you are SDS, Why are you hiding behind this page now? What Threat? Did we hit a nerve by saying people will stop following you and your crank ideas?

Sorry we do not appreciate you, making threats to us. You have been banned from our page, yet, go ahead continue to make comments on your aliases, along with your little lackey’s they will all be banned because we heard your nonsense before.

You keep stating you say nothing wrong, yet you are targeting the Pit type dogs. In addition, stating that Pit advocates are defending criminals, dogfighters, etc. We do not defend them we defend the responsible owners. Get your facts straight you sociopath.

If you are not stating anything wrong, Explain what has been stated in these screen shots listed below. Thanks Nutty For supplying them on your page, Hope you don’t mind we kind of snagged them.

Pit bull owners hurting Pit bulls? You have one thing right, yet you said it wrong. It should be along the lines of Irresponsible Pit Bull Owners are hurting Pit bulls. Does not mean ban or kill all pit bulls? Explain Denver you twat!

Look what your BSL HAS DONE! Over 3,000 dogs, Pulled from the shelter and or homes and killed in DENVER when the BAN was enacted. This photo was taken in 2006. Would you like to explain this? Would you like to explain how BSL DOESN'T KILL? We doubt you can, these dogs were innocent  these dogs did nothing wrong, but be born into a society that specifically targets these breeds because of what the MEDIA states.

We don't know what's more amazing Eve (SDS) your lies or those who follow you. Case In Point:

No Alexandra, you cannot be an animal lover type person, and HATE a specific breed. Animals lovers, love all animals and speak for them. You are no such person, You aren't even someone who appreciates or loves dogs, Enough said about you. (Hypocrite)

Back to Safe Douche Society:

Look to the right, she states; Advocates like us are protecting the dogfighters, the dog breeders, and sadistic animal abusers. We are not, and will not Protect them, If you have been listening and or should we say STALKING facebook you would have seen Advocates/activists such as the ANTI-DOGFIGHTING CAMPAIGN, working tirelessly against these people. Which By The Way, we do help them with this issue. However, Thanks for Screen shotting what was stated by us, and twisting it into something else.

Now onto this little bit of information:

Who stated what now? The Truth is, Saint Bernards, and English Staffies were treated as Nanny dogs... However, they ARE NOT NANNY DOGS, and we have made it a point to STATE this every time we advocate. Vintage pictures that have been taken were showing kids and family appreciating and spending time with their dogs. The Nanny dog came from the Peter Pan Books, start reading, you'll get a kick out of it. Oh and STOP using the "Nanny Dog" excuse, you hypocrite.

Next Issue:

Eve, AKA Summers Eve, aka Safe Douche Society, why are you having a swastika sporting Nazi commenting on your page? (Dawn James) So you keep track? We're being  Stalked? So does this mean we can REPORT YOU, FOR HARASSMENT and CYBERSTALKING  We think it does, thank you for admitting this Eve.

Yet We have to Agree with Dawn James on this, Facebook Is the problem. Their allowing you to keep talking, lying, harass, and belittle those who are doing the right thing by speaking up for these Bully Breeds.

Finally To answer your question of why we would be upset with you stating what you did, You lumped all pit owners together with that Creten ERIC GRAY, We are nothing like him, we take care of our dogs, we take them to the Vets, Get them spayed, neutered, boosters, etc etc. We don't leave them in a kennel in their own piss, and feces like this piece of filth has done.

It concerns us, because WE are the VOICES for the VOICELESS, do you understand yet? CAN YOU COMPREHEND anything?

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