Thursday, May 30, 2013

Truth It Does Set People Free

Down below is a 2 parter of the News Radio Show that conspired with none other than Colleen Lynn. Please Pause to fully read the statements made. And thank you to those who have shared these Videos with us.

Part 1

Part 2

What Colleen Lynn First Stated to a news station
 (yet she is quick to change stories on the radio show):

Lynn is doing a lot more than just wanting pit bull dogs with muzzles on them when they are in public. She is wanting them all to be put down.

Additions here: Some very nice People have just submitted a couple more videos. Thank you for sharing this with us, as always names will be kept 
anonymous unless they wish to be known.

Exposing DogsBite.Org apparently cut into parts, we will try to get them in order :)
Did you hear what he said, Cory Nelson is the brainchild behind all of this. Really now, Interesting.

This Video has to be watched on Youtube, due to the fact that we are unable to embed it into this blog, Sorry for the inconvience:
Video Link:

4th and final Vid by this youtube poster:

And for the Pit Haters- Pay Attention to your dogs- 2009:

This one is just insulting Pit Type Owners. Keep it up Colleen, you will surely win the popularity contest...:

Sorry if we are filling this blog up with Video's, however, this is what has been happening since 2008 and now 2013, her crusade is nothing more than Revenge, a Psychotic Vendetta Against a voiceless animal. Colleen Lynn, I don't know why you are doing this, your actions have already cost the life of the dog that bit you, why must you continue to spread your hatred and lies across millions of people? Why must you continue to march with those whom have been brainwashed by you, to seek and destroy any and all pit type dogs? You Colleen Lynn are destroying lives and ripping dogs that HAVE DONE NOTHING from families homes. How is this fair, in your eyes?
How is taking one "tragic" and I say "tragic" loosely due to some of the blame lying on you for being the one who started the attack, and making it into something far worse than what it was, going to BETTER our HUMANITY our SOCIETY, as a whole?

There are more Video's, yet we believe people get the gist of what this woman has and will continue to do, if she is not stopped.

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