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DogsBite.ORG- Part 2- enough said for now

DogsBite.Org- Part 2
The followers, or should we say cult have been told to harass pro pit advocate pages. Lately they have been targeting a page that represents NZ, American Pit Bull Terrier Assn INC. Screen Shots down below to prove how unstable and illiterate these little cult trolls really are. These are some of the Usual Suspects, which are in affiliation with Colleen Lynn. APBT Inc and Our Team have had some long heated debates with them, defending once again our breeds that have been slandered.
That certainly is not the latest research, as you can all plainly see those articles are from 2011 and 2012. On top of the fact it isn’t even studies, it is medical records and notes that MD’s have taken over a course of a year, documenting dog bite incidents, does it say pit bulls? Yes, do we think they know for sure it was a Pit bull? No, because it has been proven that there are those who cannot distinguish a pit bull from a white boxer, or Dogo Argentino or even a bulldog or even a terrier.

This is the original Article, this is also were Colleen Lynn spends most of her time supposedly “researching”.
Apparently Lynne was blind to one detail this article stated such as this:
Past evaluations of different forms of regulations have led to conclusions that BSL is ineffective in reducing dog-bite injuries of varying severities
Shocking to see those whom support BSL say that it is flawed, oh my!

Did Lynne also forget to mention the TEXAS STUDY was a flawed one and has been thrown out, case in point:

(Dr. Bonnie Beaver, a professor of veterinary medicine at Texas A&M University and an expert in dog behavior, described the study as flawed. Beaver, a former president of the American Veterinary Medicine Association, who led a national task force on preventing dog bites, has testified against breed-specific bans before state lawmakers.
“These are serious injuries to humans, and I do not mean to belittle the seriousness of the problem seen at the hospital,” Beaver said. “However, the dog-related data is seriously flawed, and are used at will to try to prove a specific point of view.”
Raghavan, is a BSL enthusiast of course Raghavan would partially lie about studies that have been discontinued or thrown away, due to the flawed aspect.

Did not read the studies, yet quotes Raghavan. Interesting to say the least, the simple copying and pasting of statements without one ounce of legitimate proof supplied. Who is to say that these people actually obtained it from Ragahavan and not Colleen?
Banning any breed of dog would not help the issue, people would just move on to the next desirable breed, so where would this leave us? Genocide, wiping out every single dog in existence this is what BSL would be capable of, yet these people fail to realize this. This is why we fight; this is what keeps us going, to fight against BSL to prevent this Genocide from happening.

This is our reality, and until these people wake up, our fight will continue.

Who said we were ignoring the studies? Peer-reviewed, please Lynne read what you have said. PEER-REVIEWED, this is saying that these studies are nothing more than NOTES. Notes tend to have misinformation, and propaganda behind it, since those who are viewing it have the same narrow mindedness as the ones who wrote it. We are open to discussion and opinions yet if it is repetitive, we tend to turn off our attention to you. AWA was and has been honest behind their reasoning you are just failing to see the points behind it.

As APBT pointed out, the Spanish study showed nothing of what Lynne Stated. You didn’t have access Lynne? I think it was more along the lines, of not wanting the truth being stated.

Joanna claims she follows the bible by heart, we would like to know which one she follows, because spewing out hate toward a creation of the lord sure the heck is being hypocritical to us, we have actually taken the time to read the bibles out there. We may not worship the same superior being, but we do not turn a blind eye to most of the lessons. Joanna is also a supporter of one of the trolling pages such as this one:

We suspect that she might even be a co-creator since it has a bible statement included in the description.

We wonder if people realize that “Satan” did not create anything, he was created, 
became jealous and rebelled against “God”. He was then tossed from the heavens to rule the city of Hades ergo “Fallen Angel”… As we have stated before Wendy, that page was not an April fool’s joke.

To continue where we were, more screen shots on the way, thanks to one of our team-mates to provide them.

Veterinarians do not resist Breed restrictions yet they do have a difference in opinions, about this issue. Yet Luke feels as though no one in that profession should have an opinion or a right to voice his or her opinion. Are we saying all Veterinarians are not swindlers or frauds? No, yet those types are few far and in-between. Comparing the Tobacco, Gun, and Hotel industry to Veterinarians is like saying a Drama Actor portraying a doctor can do real surgeries. Luke your statement is flawed.

Please explain how a DOG can hijack an idea or a reputation, it’s improbable, A dog cannot communicate like us, ergo has no voice to talk or make speeches pertaining to how one feels. We as humans are the ones who can HIJACK ideas or reputation and slap it on dogs. However, in this instance, nothing was hijacked. One more thing, you spelled organization wrong.

We also forgot to mention Luke; the ones who misidentify the pit bulls are those who cannot distinguish the differences, since MEDIA shows dog pictures that are of BULLDOGS and or a DOGO… So, who is actually making it worse for whom?
Funny we do not remembering slandering any Chihuahua, yet, if you have to get technical, you do realize those small cute dogs were bred to kill snakes and protect their families right, so since they were bred to protect and kill an animal, Should we ban them too? Because that is what you trolls are stating.

(Any Animal that has been bred to guard, or kill another animal, should be put to death) On the other hand, are we wrong about that Luke is that not what you trolls are trying to get across?

The most ANYONE has ever said that was pertaining to the Chihuahua is:
(“any dog can bite, including the small superiority complex dog like the Chihuahua”) and that is far from slandering. Do we condone those who compare other breeds? NO! 

We do not worship pit bulls Luke, we are merely trying to state the obvious truth, that it is people’s fault that these dogs are in hot water.

So on top of breed discrimination Luke is also a racist, typical friend of Dawn James who sports a swastika (Nazi).

No explanation needed.

Really now? We're protesting against the sterilization law? Funny I see signs that say END BSL, not sterilization laws. Colleen take your pills, you're hallucinating. For those who think BSL is just a sterilization tactic, is truly blind! It is more than sterilization it is Genocide, it is punishing responsible owners and ignoring the true problem...(Dog Fighters). It is ripping dogs from homes and putting them to death when there is a BAN established.

Is this who you truly want to follow? One who spreads lies, and propaganda, one who follows a biased blogger who writes for maultalk, or adds a picture with an opposite meaning? Truly the human race is doomed then.

Really Colleen Lynn now you're attacking a pit bull rescue? Tia doesn't and never will support BSL. We do believe we have covered this before. However Just in case here is recaps of what Villalobos official STATEMENT was.

Now On the other hand here is what Villa Had to say in their email:
IN REGARDS TO THE WESTWEGO PIT BULL ORDINANCE - This is in part, the email that we sent to Councilman Glenn Green. As you can plainly see, there is nothing here that says we support BSL. What so many are doing is twisting my words of "showing support" as in we were supportive of the fact that he removed the BAN ordinance and was willing to meet halfway with rules such as spay/neuter, etc. providing it applied to all dogs. Again, in part this is the email that was sent......

If this ordinance is specifically for the Pit Bull breed, then the "bad guys" will get rid of their dogs to avoid any fines, violations and trouble from the law. They will then move on to a different breed. Right now the next most popular breed is the Cane Corso Mastiff. We're seeing ALOT of them in the area now. They're quickly becoming the next breed of choice for these "bad guys". So what then? We will have to create a Mastiff Ordinance? Or a Rottweiler Ordinance? And the list goes on. So what I propose is you put forth what Los Angeles did. and that's create these rules for all dogs. Why single out one breed? Why not make it safe for all dog owners and their dogs and the neighbors, etc? There is no reason that ANY dog should have to live on a chain or remain un-altered to create more unwanted puppies. Why not make it so that these ordinances come into effect so that animal control and law enforcement and rescuers have some leverage against owners who treat their dogs horribly?

So I'm sure you're getting bombarded with all sorts of ideas but I want to assure you that we are a group of level headed people that are here to assist you with anything you need to help create a safe and happy environment for the people of Westwego and their dogs.

Tia Maria Torres
So would you like to again tell us how Villa was supporting BSL, Colleen? Your Lies are catching up with you and your cult, and everyone can indeed see it now.

For those who have anymore Screen shots or "information" on this woman don't hesitate to share it, names will be kept anonymous unless you wish to be known.

Thank you for supporting us in everything we are doing. We will continue to try our best to bring you the truth and facts. <3 VFTB - TEAM <3

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