Thursday, May 2, 2013

Complex Explanation: Dogs

Recently I wrote an article with two other people, H.L and M.D. We were going over the fine points of game dogs, the behavioral and genetic traits. Some of what we have written was a little confusing for many of our advocate friends. Truthfully, most of it was a little confusing to me as well, until H.L explained the complex structure.

Along with a recent conversation, I had with a very lovely person who has been fighting 
BSL in the UK area, I concur with him.
Game Dogs are a controversial area of conversation, there has been debate, back and forth with this issue. Is it all genetics or is it training and the people behind the dog?
All three honestly, depending on the situation, the person, and the genetics of a dog.

One must remember that there is Selective breeding, Selective training, and the attitude/mentality of a person.

While studying for the past 3 months going on 4, I concluded that there is a new generation of dog fighters, whom really do not care about the dog’s aggression toward people. What they mainly care for, are if the dogs can last the round, and make the most money for them.

They call this a sport this is not a sport. It is barbaric treatment of a voiceless sentient being. Who wants nothing more than to be all it can be for its owner. That determination will never wither, no matter how many times they selectively breed their dog.
We as humans must push pass this petty greed, and look toward an actual sport we can participate in with our four legged companions. We as humans must learn to respect our dogs and animals, period. We as humans were put here to protect our animal brethren, not put here to destroy what was created.

In addition, even this is a controversial debate; many believe we were not put here to be guardians for these animals. If that is the case, then why do we exist? Humans are a very complex being, many different personalities, ways of thinking and living.

Dog fighters are not that complex anymore, we as advocates can see why they do what they do; Money fame, reputation or should I say street credit?

Anti animal advocates, such as the anti pit bull advocates, only go by half-truths from a person who is not a dog expert, her statistics are flawed, and they are from a 2009-2010 documentation of a flawed test, which was tossed out. She does not factor in the possibilities of dog fighters, or animal abusers, or any other twisted individuals who abuse their companion. She merely blames all dogs, based on breed and flawed news reports that target a specific breed, without knowing what that breed really is.
Because of her, BSL has been pushing forward in most states and countries overseas. Majority of animal control facilities have also been using her methods of determining if a dog is aggressive, basing everything on her stolen statistics.

The truth is, with the seriousness these dog fighter breeders handling these dogs improperly it has led to human aggression. Most of the time the traits do not show until the dog is about 2 to 3 years of age. When this happens, people wind up seriously injured and by that time, the dog can be either with a rescuer or with the dog fighter.
Yet, we all know if the dog bites the fighter/handler, they put them to death. This leads the breeders to breed again and start over. Which is also why a shelter is overfilled with specific dog breeds, and they too wind up put to death. I do not use the word euthanized or sleep this is murder plain and simple.

In certain situations, dogs that experience aggression can be in most cases rehabilitated, depending on their training and what traits been bred into said dog.

Not all fighting dogs are game dogs, most are dogs that became dog napped, bought, or picked up off the streets. In these cases, if this is the case they have the chance of rehabilitation. Example- Mike Vic’s dogs, I use this example because of the fact that these dogs of his are now in proper homes and many are service-trained dogs.

There is so much debate out there between issues that it is colliding together making a mess of controversy.

One advocate states it is how the dogs are raised. This statement is false, as I have stated before, raising and training your dogs are two separate aspects.

Raising- Is the time you spend with your dog, the food you feed your dog, the trips to the vets, parks etc.
Training- is teaching them skills they need to learn, such as doing their business outside, sitting, leave it, fetch, stay, lay down etc commands which equals control.

Raising a dog by spending time with your dog, forms a bond, this allows for the training.
There is no such breed as a “Pit Bull”. True and false, the only true pit bull is the American Pit Bull Terrier or APBT for sort. Yet this Pit Bull title has become a label for today’s Staffordshire terriers, Boxers, Bull Dogs and so on. It is a Label created by the BSL, UKC, and the AKC. This labeled has been used wrongly with Animal Control officers, because they have this sheet with check boxes next to descriptions of what a Pit Bull Type looks like. Oval shaped eyes, block like head, medium built, and so on. Approximately, several bull and terrier breeds match that description.

Blame Game:
The blame lies on the dog fighters, and the irresponsible people not training their dogs properly. All dogs can be a possible danger, in the inappropriate hands. Yet, dogs can be an amazing miracle in the proper hands.

Proper Precautions:

All dog owners should take precautions when out walking their dog. Animal Aggressive, dogs should wear a muzzle, and always be on a lead. Skittish or Fear biting dogs should always be by your side on a lead, with a Yellow or White ribbon on the leash or lead for accessible view, while wearing a dog vest stating, “I’m in training or being rehabilitated.” All dog owners should take a training course with their dog, learning body language. To learn the signs that could stop an attack from happening, to know when your dog is irritated and or scared or unsure of a person. All dog owners should be aware of the surroundings and be aware of people that may be walking up from behind them. This goes for dog walkers and or dog sitters as well. This will save the dog from being spooked, and prevent any agitated attack and prevent a dog from being put to death, because of first time bite offence...

Bettering ourselves by learning these aspects, such as dog body language and vocal commands will help us keep our dogs safe. This will help us also educate those who advocate against our breeds, who think our breed of dogs are nothing but steroid induced monsters, or that only low poverty, gang members and so on, own these certain breeds.

The people, who advocate against our dogs, never had the opportunity in owning one of these delightful breeds for themselves, so they do not know the joy of having a great breed in their life.

Taking and learning these precautions will put an end to this discrimination and stereotyping. 

We either become part of the solution or continue to be part of the problem… My team and I choose to be part of the Solution and educate the public or at least do our best at spreading the word of truth and education...

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