Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dog Fighting Is An Epidemic

Dog Fighting- A Billion Dollar Underground Industry in the USA and Some Part of the UK.

In all parts of the USA Dog fighting is illegal, In some parts over seas Dog fighting is not. Dog fighting has become an epidemic. Dog Fighting creates Danger not only for the dogs, but for people. Dog Fighters have become breeders, which has been leading to selective breeding and the sales of puppies, which some wind up at shelters. Due to this problem as My team and I have explained before, these puppies become aggressive at a later age, and not all of these dogs are Pit bull types.

We must have an understanding here, that it is not okay to fight ANY dog breeds for any reason, not even for money or fame. Putting dogs up against one another is wrong, these dogs never chose to do it, they don't like fighting as some have stated. These dogs would rather be by our side, taking walks, playing fetch or going camping with us.

These dogs would rather help us with our everyday needs, such as being our seeing eye dogs, farm hands, or helping those who cannot move their limbs. They would rather be police dogs, or therapeutic dogs.

It is my understanding that recently there has been a dog fighting bust in Montgomery TX, Humble TX, Philadelphia Pa, Germantown Pa and many other areas...

This issue has been made illegal for a reason, and apparently these people can't get it into their heads that this is ANIMAL CRUELTY. Forcing dogs to fight to the death, is not how you treat your beloved animal companion.

This EPIDEMIC, has become more and more abundant with this passing year, and it must come to a stop.

Facebook and Craigslist has been a dog fighters paradise to advertise their fighting dogs and or puppies and or were an event will be held. People have not been reporting this to authorities, instead they report it to Craigs and Facebook which in turn DOES NOTHING.

Report it to Authorities, make them look into this issue that has been getting out of hand, These people must be locked up to prevent this outrageous abuse of these dogs. If the authorities don't listen to you than REPORT it to those WHO WILL. That being Us and our friends at the Anti Dog Fighting Campaign.

If you see a possible dog fighting site or abuse of any kind, report it to us or to the anti dog fighting campaign team members. Our contact information is listed on this blog, under the investigate and reporting.

Reporting To Us:

What you should send in the messages:
Links, Names, Pictures of evidence, Addresses of the criminals etc. Anything that will help put these people behind bars.

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