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Game Dogs And You

What are game dogs?

In this article, We will be explaining the different types of Game Dogs.
Our Views and Opinions, We are not targeting any specific breed of dog.

First, I would like to get into the Aggressive Behavioral discussion, based on the work of Grigorenko & Sternberg.

The field of psychology has been greatly influenced by the study of genetics. Decades of research has demonstrated that both genetic and environmental factors play a role in a variety of behaviors in humans and animals (e.g. Grigorenko & Sternberg, 2003). The genetic basis of aggression, however, remains misunderstood. Aggression is a multi-dimensional concept, but it can be generally defined as behavior that inflicts pain or harm on another.

Genetic-developmental theory states that individual differences in a continuous phenotype result from the action of a large number of genes, each exerting an effect that works with environmental factors to produce the trait. Because this type of trait is influenced by multiple factors, it is more complex and difficult to study than a simple Mundelein trait (one gene for one phenotype)
This is where selective breeding comes in to play, for some.

Selective breeding

The heritability of aggression has been observed in many animal strains after noting that some strains of birds, dogs, fish, and mice seem to be more aggressive than other strains. Selective breeding has demonstrated that it is possible to select for genes that lead more to aggressive behavior in animals. Selective breeding examples also allow researchers to understand the importance of developmental timing for genetic influences on aggressive behavior. A study done in 1983 (Cairns) produced both highly aggressive male and female strains of mice dependent on certain developmental periods to have this more aggressive behavior expressed. These mice were not observed to be more aggressive during the early and later stages of their lives but during certain periods (in their middle-age period) were more violent and aggressive in their attacks on other mice. Selective breeding is a quick way to select for specific traits with the effects of selection being seen within a few generations of breeding. These characteristics make selective breeding an important tool in the study of genetics and aggressive behavior.

However, for dog fighter breeders, this selective breeding makes this ability for them to make the perfect aggressive dog fighting dog. Which is why they use certain breeds for this to be made possible, these dogs are classified as the gripping class. 

The first type of game dogs that we are all familiar with is the dog fighting type. Yet, how much do you really know about dog fighting dogs? Only what the media and the BSL tell you, which are the Pit bull type dogs. This is FALSE, since there is more than one gripping type of breed. Dog fighting game dogs can be any breed that is classified as a gripper. This stems from the Pit bull type dogs, to Rottweiler’s, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Dogo Argentino, Dogue de Bordeaux, just to name a few.

Let us not think about their breed now, but focus on what has been bred into them, by the dog fighting breeders. This is the following; aggression, agility, stamina; these traits mark the ability to continue even when exhausted.

Dog fighting game dogs can show no signs of aggression, until it is too late. They can snap without notice, they are usually only animal aggressive but have been known to be both human and animal aggressive.
Most common question I have received, can these dogs be rehabilitated? When it comes to dog fighting game dogs; no, they cannot be rehabilitated, if they were selectively bred for this type of aggression. This is heartbreaking and not their fault. The blame lies on the people who have bred them to be aggressive and vicious.

Why is it, that Media always portrays pit bulls as vicious or aggressive?

A majority of dog fighters breed pit bull type dogs or American Pit bull terriers to be accurate as “Game Dogs”. A majority of these dogs portrayed in the media are not APBT’S or “Game Dogs”. A majority of these dogs are mixed breeds, which have been giving the misfortune in having a bad life and have been trained to attack those not related to family. You will never see dog fighting game dogs on the news, yet you always hear that a dog has been euthanized after a dog-fighting bust.

I am strictly talking about GAME DOGS, not a breed. So please do not confuse what I am saying to be targeting a specific breed, when I am not targeting any breed. 

Game Dogs are a real problem for us as dog owners, due to the issue of these dogs not being able to be distinguished from house pet and game dog.

Game dogs, as I have stated rarely show signs of aggression, and can snap without provocation. Yet there have been rumors floating around on Pit bull forums that Dog fighters have been drugging their dogs up with RC Horse vitamins.  They do this for 10 days, and stop treatment, which supposedly causes the dog to run hot (irritated, aggressive, withdrawal symptoms.)

How does one go about breeding these Game Dogs?

I am not a genetics professional, yet my guesses are from what I have read, on Genetics and Eugenic books. 
They breed their winning dogs, which have shown the most aggression in the keep or pit fighting area, keeping the bloodline with the most aggressive traits, which is what scientists and Eugenics programs have been breeding out of all dogs, mice, cats, etc.

With this happening, the breeders over breed and tend to dump dogs that do not meet the requirements, either at the shelter or they kill and dump the bodies.

The ones that land up at the shelters are just puppies, to 1yr olds, with no signs of aggression traits yet, which leads them to pass the temperament test. This leads to adoption, which leads to about 1 or 2 years later showing these aggressive traits… This then leads to people attacked in their own homes or on the street if this said dog gets loose...

So whom do we really blame for this atrocity, we blame Dog fighters that breed dogs for fighting. These people cause our problem; these people use these dogs in the pit area to make money. This business is a billion dollar profit, which causes harm not only to the dogs but also to people who adopt dogs that are not suitable for adoption, because they passed a temperament test.

Yes, even the temperament test is flawed along with the BITE STATISTIC test.

What about the dogs that are not purely Game Dogs?
Most of those dogs, do not survive the pit area, and become disposed of. Those that survive go on to another fight and continue until they lose and die, or retired to become a breeding partner dog.

Hunting Dogs- Game Dogs
These are not dangerous dogs; these dogs purpose as in training wise are to track down animals and take them down, or retrieve out of watery, bush type areas. They are house pets primarily. No hunter will keep human or animal aggressive dogs in or near their pack and family.
Their dogs are bred for intelligence, agility, and strength not aggression, sometimes referred to as Game dogs because of their built and agility trait.

We know hunting dogs as, Retrievers, Hounds (Bassett, Blood, Fox, and Cur). Even the Terrier class which includes, Staffordshire Terriers, Pit Terriers, so as for my statements before about the “Pit type dogs” they were originally bred for hunting (working class).

Competition (Dog Olympics) - Game Dogs
Again these types of game dogs, not aggressive in anyway. They are trained to pull weights, jump and tug on ropes, swim down in water to obtain weights, run for long distances, do obstacle courses in a time limit setting, Catching Frisbee’s, balls, batons and so on.
Their traits are Agility, speed, strength and intelligence for puzzle solving which they can do.
Some obstacle courses have puzzles to solve to get a treat at the end, but again there is a set time limit. I have witness many of these sports, games for these types of dogs, I am partial to those who can catch the Frisbees’ in mid air. I find that very awesome, because it shows their agile and gracefulness.

Most of these competitions I find cruel for the dog, yet it gives the dogs something to do, to keep them active and healthy. I do not agree with the weight pulls or underwater diving, due to the fact that they can get hurt doing those events.

However, again, they are not aggressive; they are primarily house pets/family members. Breeds in this group are Pit type dogs, Retrievers’, Dobermans, and Shepherds and so on.

As per recent conversation I am adding this little bit of information on why, I say Game fighting dogs are more aggressive and out of control, it is because of the New generation of dog fighting breeders, who lack control, and skill to train and breed these dogs properly. The older generation of dog fighters were more astute and cared whether or not the dog was human aggressive. As of today's dog fighters, they do not, all they care for is the money.

Now for the wrap up:

For the past 3 months, I have found that Game dogs used for fighting have abnormality in their muscle structure (more bulky, than what their original breed was designed for). Muscle structure is supposed to be sleek, coat shiny, in proportion with their head mass, not bulging like game dogs have been looking.
More or Less this is how you can semi tell the difference between game dogs and house pets.

As I have explained the different types of game dogs, that I have studied for the past 3 months. I will say this, the dogs are not to blame it is the people, who use them for selfish purposes; which is dog fighting, and some athletic competition that is dangerous, that reward money if they win.

Dogs are the victims, Irresponsible people are the cause, and Advocates/Rescues/Activists are the solution. You are either the problem or Solution, which are you? Which will you be?

Will you join the fight to help save our dogs? On the other hand, will you be the problem that spreads the myth that all dogs are inherently dangerous?

It is your choice, yet if you were an animal lover, you would chose to help us fight the myths and rumors that surround the dogs that are being targeted.

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